Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Live YOUR Best Life

Of all the people I don’t know, I love Oprah the most. If there’s anyone reading this who doesn’t know who Oprah Winfrey is, I’d bet dollars to donuts, they just arrived from outer space (or a very rural location with no TV) and was handed a Fruit Roll-Up at a Starbucks with my web address on it.  I think every living, breathing woman, of any age, should be watching her show, reading O, The Oprah Magazine, or visiting her website.    

Despite her own mortal issues, Oprah is the epitome of a Goddess. I could list her many earthly gifts as well as the qualities of spirit she embodies, however, that might make me sound like a goodie gal who’s lobbying for a guest appearance (which I am not). When I’m feeling bold enough though, I hear Oprah (in the ear of my imagination) reading one of my blog entries as a prelude to my introduction. I contemplate the various themes for which I might have something to contribute. Resurrecting a lost libido? How to give your best blow job?  The Goddess make-over show? 

The Oprah Universe offers a wide-ranging collection of resources from which you can learn about everything from global issues to hormone replacement therapy and the whole lot in between.  Her Live Your Best Life series regularly provides tools, to improve health, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, and finances… everything that’s relevant, entertaining, or funny… everything you’d want to discuss with your best friend.  

It’s my daily tribute to Oprah, America’s Best Friend, to live MY best life.

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