Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fear Of Goddessness

Phobias are irrational fears that keep people from enjoying various aspects of life. In psycho- babble terms, many individuals experience two common terrors. Fear of failure compels the sufferer to avoid making mistakes by passing up opportunities that might result in disappointment. Fear of success compels the sufferer to avoid opportunities that might result in accomplishments and any undesired repercussions. In either case, the behaviors associated with both fears promote self-defeating actions by utilizing avoidance as a tool to combat success.

Fear of Goddessness has not yet been acknowledged in the literature by professionals who create terms, however, it's a real condition that leads to self-sabotaging actions that oppose one’s goals. Take me for example. I am a Goddess. Despite my gifts, I often engage in self-defeating behavior. Case in point: I dress rather poorly for a working woman in an upscale company in Soho. To say the least, I often wear unstylish jeans and tee shirts that my children have discarded. My dear friend Esther asks the magic question… why?

Am I afraid that good looks, fine grooming, and high-quality style will threaten my relationships? Will women like me less? Will men be attracted to me everywhere I go?

It’s important for women to conquer their Fear of Goddessness and present themselves in a favorable light all of the time. Anyone who wishes to accomplish this goal may do so by following two simple rules:

  1. Act in a way that promotes the sense of self you want to project.
  2. Get an accountability partner, someone who will give you truthful feedback.

To be or not to be a Goddess, that is the question. Esther, my dear friend and accountability partner, always gives me a reality check. Do I look like a goddess, or do I look like an eyesore? By now I know, even when she’s not there, if I would get a yay or nay.

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