Saturday, June 6, 2009

Work, Pray, Love

Quality of life rests largely on maintaining a healthy balance of lifestyle elements. I’m one of those lucky employees who takes as much pleasure in their job as a treasured hobby. I’m not writing this because my (male) boss will read these words; this is not a kiss up. In fact, I hope he never reads these pages; the content is far too spicy to have my boss read it. This blog is fundamentally written for the benefit of women… Enlightened... Empowered... Women.

My employer endures my atypical ways without question. I create sacred space every morning that I’m at work. I set the loving intention that all those who visit my office BE joyfully replenished. The air is scented and I play background music throughout the day. Much of it is traditional Hindu chanting sung by my two favorite singers: Deva Premal and Krishna Das. I also play R. Carlos Nakai and John Huling, both Native American musicians. For all intents and purposes, I’m praying and meditating all day.

Most important are the people I work with. They are primarily young though a few are older. I love it when any of them stop by my office for a visit, whether it’s work related or personal. They all bring out my maternal instincts, even those who are older than I. Sharing the details of their lives enriches mine. Of course, I'm happy to give advice, another of my favorite pastimes.

I love the commute; it’s my reading time. I love my morning latte; those first mouthfuls of flavorful caffeine are the best of the day. I love my lunchtime; the office is a refreshing walk to a Whole Foods Salad Bar. I love the work; I’m never bored. I love my job, my boss, my co-workers, and the neighborhood in which I work…I love the whole shebang.

Do I have the perfect situation? Is this an example of how a positive attitude actually works? Have I employed the laws of attraction and manifested this ideal environment? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

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