Saturday, June 6, 2009


Iris is NOT a person.

Iris is a vibrator that I purchased in a lovely, upscale shop in SoHo. It came with the name; I’m way beyond naming my electronic devices or automobiles. The sales person who assisted me was delightful, supportive, and helpful. She matter-of-factly described the plentiful styles, colors, and features available; it was very hard to choose. But choose I did. I selected Iris over Gigi, Liv, Laya, The Iconic Rabbit, and more, lots more. A previous purchase, SaSi, was so complicated that it was impossible to figure out even though it came with an instruction manual. I’m hoping Iris serves me better.

Iris is a silicone, cordless, pink vibrator which provides several different sensations and intensities. It also comes in a nice shade of blue. Silicone is hypoallergenic, has no taste or smell, and is dishwasher safe. It’s the safest and most durable material currently used for personal toys. It comes in a gift box with a charger, user manual, and satin travel pouch. It’s even guaranteed by the manufacturer for one-year.

Vibrators are great to use alone or with a partner. Creativity, as always, makes the experience more enjoyable. They are available online (descriptions would have to suffice in order to make a selection) or in stores (which may be high or low-class depending on location and management).

Every woman should own a vibrator and know how to have an orgasm (with or without a partner).

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