Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanks to Thanksgiving weekend our two terrific children came home from school for the holiday. Our daughter came home on Tuesday (for five days and five nights) and our son came home Wednesday (for four days and four nights) … but… who’s counting? Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to see and spend time with “the girl” and “the boy” as my husband and I often call them.

At any given time, at least one of our progeny was home, either sprawled out on the living room couch or making a mess somewhere where there wasn't one before. Our marital privacy was nearly reduced to what it was during the glory days of child-rearing (or so it seemed). Suffice it to say, I don't feel connubially comfortable with my husband when our children are in the house.

By Saturday night, after days and days of the holiday homecoming, I’d either stooped to new a low or I’d risen to a new high in order to spend some alone time with my husband. I gave my son fifty dollars as a bribe to take his sister shopping; I gave my daughter a credit card, and off they went. Happy to be alone at last, my honey and I high tailed it up to our hottie hideaway to be lovers, not parents.

Today is Monday and I am thankful that my children are back in school where they should be.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

90 Day Sex Challenge: Next Steps

I wonder how many of you are taking on the Dr. Oz 90 Day Sex Challenge with me.

Are you talking to and with you partner for the required 10 minutes a day? Are you discussing topics that are personal and mutually enjoyable and avoiding stressful subjects about finances and parenting woes?

Are you kissing and cuddling for 10 minutes, three times a week? Ten minutes of k and c should be doable even for individuals who’ve become accustomed to extremely limited affection.

Certainly, those of you who've accepted the challenge are having sex once a week as advised by Dr. Oz who explains, “It doesn’t have to be the best sex of your life, the most experimental or something from the Kama Sutra. But it DOES have to happen. You are carving out time for each other and making sex a weekly priority.”

Dr. Oz promises there’ll be more “Next Step” information on his website ( in December. What are Goddesses to do in the meantime, however, if their sensual creativity has yet to stir and they need “Next Step” information from the get go?

Ideas on how to improve your sex lives are plentiful in books, all over the Internet, and right here on this blog. I pledge my commitment to contribute to the pool of carnal concepts for concept-less couples to use at their discretion.

Even the smallest change to background sounds, lighting, and smells can make a difference in how the “Just Do It” directive plays out.

  1. Experiment with different types of background music to create various moods.
  2. Utilize one or more Oggz to sensually light the room.
  3. Burn a candle or incense.

Whatever you do, do it in the spirit of fun; this will make all the difference.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sex: Abundance or Famine?

The airwaves and Internet are rife with personal accounts and scientific information on relationships and sexuality. One can expect to find daily talk show hosts and their guests discussing hot topics such as how to nourish intimacy, how to restore romance, and how to have better sex. The Internet picks up where daytime TV leaves off with photos, blogs, and step by step instructions on how to do anything you might have ever considered in bed and elsewhere. The following is a small sample:

Dr. Laura Berman is a media friendly therapist who appears regularly on the Oprah Show. Pretty, perky, and an endearing visual and vocal Goldie Hawn double, Dr. Berman’s forte is sex and relationships. She’s also featured on Oprah’s website under the heading of Better in Bed where she provides expert advice, homework, informative videos, and more.

Rabbi Shmuley Botech (, author of The Kosher Sutra 8 Sacred Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Restoring Passion for Life, was a recent guest on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Of the many interesting things he mentioned, the following were particularly noteworthy:

  1. One out of three women are taking anti-depressants
  2. A third of marriages are entirely platonic, entirely sexless
  3. Women need intimacy, men need novelty
  4. Monogamy need not be monotony

Dr. Mehmet Oz, new to the daily talk show circuit, recently began a show introducing his National Sex Experiment as follows:

“We are a nation in crisis, in the midst of a sexual famine, and it stops now. For the next 90 days, in the nation’s bedrooms, Americans pledge to save their lives by saving their sex lives. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. We need volunteers…”

I urge all readers to volunteer with me and take the 90 Day Sex Challenge ( The initial requirements for you and your loved one are relatively easy:

  1. Talk to each other for 10 minutes a day
  2. Kiss and cuddle for 10 minutes three times a week
  3. Have sex a minimum of once a week

Even though I’m already onboard with daily talking, kissing, cuddling, and the minimum weekly requirement stated above, I too can improve my relationship and sex life. There is no end to improving intimacy, novelty, and fun. I say, "the more, the better."

Start today. I’d love to follow your progress. Please email me at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hershey’s Kisses And Oral Sex – A Match Made In Heaven

I’m never surprised when a woman tells me she isn’t as fond of oral sex as her lover. That’s the polite way of saying she finds giving head gross, tedious, or frustrating. If you’re such a woman who wants to reverse her distaste for fellatio, today’s your lucky day. If you’re a man whose partner thinks giving a blow job is an unsavory task, this blog entry might change your life. Learning how to perform and enjoy the oral arts is easy when Hershey’s Kisses are employed as an educational tool. They’re small, easy to use, and mouth-wateringly delicious. Learning to give head with Hershey’s Kisses is like learning to ride a bike with training wheels; you acquire a few skills, feel secure, begin to enjoy it, and off you go.

Former foes of fellatio often experience a dramatic change in outlook when their loved one’s penis is candy coated. The following recipe for Suckcess will likely render oral sex tolerable and satisfactory (at least) or thoroughly appetizing and addictive (at most). There are, however, a few sensible guidelines to follow:
  1. The recipient is urged to observe pristine personal hygiene, take only as much time as the giver is comfortable with, and be prepared to be the giver if so asked.
  2. The giver should always be careful when playing with food and avoid all choking hazards, be mindful of teeth (wrongful biting is painful), and proceed for as long as it’s enjoyable (or for as long as the chocolatey flavor lasts). If you’re a weight watcher pay attention to portion size.
The following recipe is merely a tantalizing template. Feel free to improvise.
  • Unwrap the Kiss - Feel sexy, act sexy.
  • Waft the Hershey’s fragrance toward your partner’s nose.
  • Toss the foil wrapper - Give your partner a sensual look, lick you lips.
  • Introduce the Kiss to the Penis - Gentle touches, strokes, and pokes feel good. The chocolate will begin to melt; the head of the penis functions like nature’s fondue pot.
  • Position the Kiss tip up/base down or Tip down/base up at the tip of the penis.
  • Hold the Kiss in place with frontal mouth control. You’ll need to have good lingual and labial control with just the right amount of suction – Lick, nibble, suck, feast… enjoy.
If you’re a weight watcher and you only eat candy in limited quantities and only during oral sex, I guarantee you’ll become a fan. If you’re not a weight watcher, but love Hershey’s Kisses; you’ll be just as happy. If you don’t like chocolate, try something else. Anything you love eating will do just fine if you make the appropriate accommodations. I imagine you could even wrap a slice of pizza around a penis if you were so inclined. Try anything. If it’s a disaster, just laugh.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goddessentials: How I Lost Twenty Pounds

I’ve finally reached my Weight Watcher’s goal weight by losing twenty (count ‘em twenty) pounds. My WW friends (all happy about my success) applauded me and Michelle (the leader) was as proud as a running coach whose athlete just completed the New York City Marathon in record time.

So how did I do it? I devised and followed The Goddess Weight-Loss Libido-Revitalization Self-Improvement Plan... the elements of which are described below.

The Goddess plan begins with the tried and true Weight Watcher’s program of weekly meetings (when life permits) and following their “Good Health Guidelines” consisting of healthy food choices (fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, milk, and lean protein). There are no longer forbidden foods on WW; it’s all about choices. My candy quota (generally limited to one or two points a day) is exclusively positioned and eaten off a zero point, zero calorie body part that belongs to my naturally sweet husband. Exercise is strongly encouraged; and as Michelle often says, “Eat less, move more.” My daily exercise routine consists of any combination of running, walking, stationary bike, light weight training, and yoga.

I spend as much time as possible enjoying things I love such as: working (I love my job), chanting, sharing experiences (especially metaphysical) with like minded friends, meditation, watching my favorite TV shows, reading, blogging, and last but certainly not least being with my hubby and children.

Intimate time with my husband in our attic hideaway is probably the activity I love best. It’s when and where I feel safe, secure, loved, and sexy. It has become our private time and place to enjoy the sensuality that has transformed our relationship from ho hum to oh my god, this is fucking awesome. Sex is an essential part of the human experience and can be enjoyed as part of an intimate relationship or alone with your favorite fantasy and/or sex toy.

The Goddess Weight-Loss Libido-Revitalization Self-Improvement Plan is a heart healthy, attitudinally positive, spiritually uplifting, sexually delightful way to improve your waistline, your mind-set, your marriage, and everything else that matters in your world and beyond. Try it and see for yourself. You and everyone around you will be glad you did.