Sunday, November 22, 2009

90 Day Sex Challenge: Next Steps

I wonder how many of you are taking on the Dr. Oz 90 Day Sex Challenge with me.

Are you talking to and with you partner for the required 10 minutes a day? Are you discussing topics that are personal and mutually enjoyable and avoiding stressful subjects about finances and parenting woes?

Are you kissing and cuddling for 10 minutes, three times a week? Ten minutes of k and c should be doable even for individuals who’ve become accustomed to extremely limited affection.

Certainly, those of you who've accepted the challenge are having sex once a week as advised by Dr. Oz who explains, “It doesn’t have to be the best sex of your life, the most experimental or something from the Kama Sutra. But it DOES have to happen. You are carving out time for each other and making sex a weekly priority.”

Dr. Oz promises there’ll be more “Next Step” information on his website ( in December. What are Goddesses to do in the meantime, however, if their sensual creativity has yet to stir and they need “Next Step” information from the get go?

Ideas on how to improve your sex lives are plentiful in books, all over the Internet, and right here on this blog. I pledge my commitment to contribute to the pool of carnal concepts for concept-less couples to use at their discretion.

Even the smallest change to background sounds, lighting, and smells can make a difference in how the “Just Do It” directive plays out.

  1. Experiment with different types of background music to create various moods.
  2. Utilize one or more Oggz to sensually light the room.
  3. Burn a candle or incense.

Whatever you do, do it in the spirit of fun; this will make all the difference.

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