Sunday, March 25, 2012

Theme-Park Quality Sex: Survivor Style

If you Google theme-park, previously referred to as amusement park, oodles of options pop up.  Topping the list you’ll find Disney (land of The Magic Kingdom), Sesame Place (land of the beloved Muppets), and so on. The motif of such parks is a unifying idea intended to enhance a visitor’s enjoyment of themed attractions.

So what makes for Theme-Park Quality Sex?  A theme of course!

A sexual theme begins with an idea (like a seed) which given the proper nourishment can develop (or grow) into something extraordinarily FUN. It can start out in simplicity (and remain so) or it can evolve into something more elaborate. The opportunity to enhance a personal theme, given the extent of new media and technology, is endless. Creativity and open-mindedness are key factors.

Let’s explore the inspiration of a Survivor theme (for the millions of fans of the reality TV series).  

First you and your lover watch the show together (it can be from previous seasons on DVD or the current season). You talk about the people, the relationships, the strategies… everything. This energizes verbal intimacy; and all intimacy is good (it’s the fertilizer of love). Hand holding and fondling are encouraged.  This boosts physical intimacy (more fertilizer – kind of like Miracle Grow).  When the viewing is concluded (in real time or there after), lovers may commence Survivor Sex. Perhaps you watch one of the many porn parodies available on DVD. Maybe you’ve purchased a tribal buff of your favorite tribe and wear it and nothing else. Possibly it’s time to have an erotic Survivor encounter in the privacy of your backyard (if you have one). Let your imagination run wild.

All you really need is a kernel of an idea to set your theme in motion.  It’s about intention. It’s about having fun.  It’s about laughing. It’s about creating a spark with which to build a fiery frolic of unforgettable fun.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Living In A Survivor Time Warp

Survivor: One World (season twenty-four) aired February 15th.  My honey and I reluctantly watched the first episode only because we were getting new HD cable boxes and didn’t want to chance losing the beginning of the current season.  It’s a good thing we took the precaution because the new boxes wiped out our savings.  We lost a lot in that purge including my two appearances on The Doctor Oz Show and an assortment of network and cable shows the family had been meaning to watch.

One World collided with Survivor: Thailand (season five 2002) which arrived via UPS in the same time frame. Getting to know thirty-two people simultaneously seemed an overwhelming challenge. As such, we abandoned our fledgling interest in current tribes Salani and Manono and devoted ourselves fully to Chuay Gahn and Sook Jai.

Episode four of Survivor: One World airs  tomorrow night in real time and Survivor: Amazon (season six 2003) is in transit.  I’m hoping UPS arrives with it today before my honey comes home from work.  Since there’s no dinner prepared for tonight, the presentation of our new (old) season of Survivor would undoubtedly be welcomed and the absence of dinner forgiven without reservation.   If not, we just might step out of our self-imposed time warp, join the real world, and catch up with what’s current.

I hear a truck outside… could it be UPS? One can only hope.