Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pop Rocks Kiss

Pop Rocks are ingeniously carbonated candies made by General Foods that begin to fizz and crackle when ingredients commingle in a moist mouth. When two oral cavities containing Pop Rocks are joined together in a luscious lip lock; the synergistic effect is mouth-watering sensual FUN… sort of like a succulent- mini-mouth- quake. 

If you’ve never kissed anyone with Pop Rocks crackling in your mouth, you’re in for a sweet treat should you dare to try it.  Here’s the recipe for a Knock Your Socks Off Pop Rocks Kiss
  1. Buy Pop Rocks
  2. Plan an intimate encounter
  3. Open a package
  4. Take a swig of Pop Rocks
  5. Pour some into your partner’s anticipating mouth
  6. Kiss (open mouths with active tongues are a must)
  7. Repeat as desired or sprinkle your Pop Rocks elsewhere (be creative)

Pop Rocks come in a variety of flavors (Strawberry, Cherry, Tropical Punch, Watermelon, Xtreme Sour Apple, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Sugar-Free). Historical, chemical, and sales information are available online along with facts that debunk an Urban Legend about stomach explosions. Suffice it to say, Pop Rocks are safe to ingest; and nobody has died from partaking in their delights.  Excessive Pop Rocks kissing may result in tooth decay if adequate dental hygiene is not employed. Take heed Pop Rockers; and be sure to brush soon after indulging in any sugary lip smacking adventure.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Good News And The Bad News

“Google AdSense is a free program that enables website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn.” I have previously enjoyed seeing Google ads for, Dove Chocolates, M & Ms, etc. relevantly placed adjacent to my blog entries. 

The bad news is that Google AdSense recently disabled an ad on my blog post “The Best Porn Money Can Buy” because it wasn’t compliant with their policies; and… they threatened to disable my account if further violations are found in the future. I admit it; I am guilty of the following:
  • Provocative images
  • Crude or indecent language, including adult stories
  • Sexual tips or advice
  • Adult toys or products
  • Ads or links to external sites containing adult content
No self-respecting Goddess would wait to be disabled; for disabled I would eventually be.  My beloved blog is chock-full of adult content.  As for “crude or indecent language” that’s debatable.  So I disabled them, before they disabled me. As such, I can no longer track the number of visitors to my blog (unless, of course, there’s another way besides Google AdSense).

The good news is that I can no longer track the number of visitors to my blog.  I am no longer a slave to statistics. I have no idea who’s reading what, how often, or when… and that’s good. I’ve been liberated. I’ve tasted freedom and I LOVE it.

I’ll continue to write my truth with whatever images, language, and links (ills) I feel are appropriate. If said ills make you smile, laugh out loud, inspire you to pursue your spiritual path, or spice up your love life so that you are as happy with your loved one as I am, I’ll have accomplished something wonderful. From my heart to yours, thank you for visiting my humble e-pages.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basking "In The Light Of LOVE"

This is an especially happy story about basking “In The Light Of LOVE” with spiritual friends Debra, Maryanda, Maryse, Joyce, Dorte, Cathy, and Laura. It’s about serendipity, manifestation, and (of course) LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE.

Some months ago when I learned Krishna Das and Deva Premal & Miten with Manose were planning The Chant Super-Tour (a 15 city, 22 day kirtan event that concluded in NYC) I was thrilled. I knew I’d be there with my like-minded gal pals in a large like-minded gathering. Though I’ve attended many a kirtan (peaceful energy based call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit mantras) with KD, I’d yet to fully experience Deva Premal, et al (though I’ve been enjoying them for years via compact disc). I’ve been in joyous contact with a gracious Deva thanks to the ease of e-mail.

Joyce was on the last plane out of Dublin where she spent a milestone birthday (before air travel was halted due to volcanic activity in Iceland). Debra (my BFF) drove her tightly packed van into the city where we found a parking space several car lengths from the entrance to Webster Hall (the concert venue). We had a bite to eat in a lovely nearby cafĂ©; and when we realized a line was forming in front of the theater, we scurried in hopes of still finding good seats. Movement into the theater was slow. Unexpectedly, there was Deva Premal and Miten who greeted me (and Maryanda) with loving hugs and kisses. I couldn’t have planned a more memorable encounter. We found perfect seats (just below center stage) where we enjoyed LOVE inspired voices accompanied by a magical blend of harmonium, keyboard, acoustic & bass guitars, flutes, violin, and finger cymbals. The singing was magnificently complimented by sweet stories that generated smiles and laughter. We were en masse in LOVE. KD (as always) graciously and loving chatted, hugged, and kissed fans who gathered around him as the audience dispersed while DP & M greeted people on stage. It was then that I shared a sweet moment with Manose among the scattering crowd.

Since the kirtan Thursday evening, I’ve continued to bask “In The Light Of LOVE” (a song so titled on the latest DP & M in concert cd). Click here for a sweet musical treat and experience the LOVE for yourself. Namaste.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Devil In Miss Jones – Original And New

The Devil In Miss Jones (Gerard Damiano 1972) is a classic adult film, starring Georgina Spelvin, in which the main character (Justine Jones) becomes trapped in her own private Hell after committing suicide. This is not one of those sappy happy, sex films people love to love.  It’s dark and cheerless, yet interesting and chock full of sultry sex scenes.  

The New Devil In Miss Jones (Paul Thomas 2005) is a remake of the original film, starring Savanna Samson (as Miss Jones) and Jenna Jamison (as the Devil) with a classy and artsy appearance by Georgina Spelvin. The three disc set which includes the full length original film and a great interview with former porn star and Director Paul Thomas delivers quite a bang for your buck.

What a difference 33 years makes in the two versions of the same adult theme. The actors are more beautiful (men included), there’s noticeably less pubic hair, and the sex is kinkier with a bit more S & M. The abundant facial cum shots are typical for a hard core movie; but this is, after all, porn at its classic best. Watching all of the bonus material offers many an opportunity to satisfy one’s prurient interest, intellectual curiosity, and is a good conversation starter. Enjoying porn with a loved one can (indeed) be more than just a libido focused activity.

The hottest sex scene in The New Devil In Miss Jones is an outdoor tingling mingling between Miss Jones and The Devil: hot, hot, hot; while the creepiest moment is an “ugly cunnilingus face” with some unattractive twisty tongue action that made me think of Roto-Rooter by the otherwise adorable and veteran porn actor Nick Manning.

Click here to watch the trailer The New Devil In Miss Jones.
Click here to watch a clip from the original Devil In Miss Jones.
Click here to watch a recent Georgina Spelvin interview on the making of the original film.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dr. Oz Show Wants YOU

Dear Friendly Readers,

There will be an "Ask Dr. Oz Show: Sex Edition" very, very, very soon.  In fact, the taping is next Wednesday.  One of my very, very very favorite producers is looking for questioners with yummy (or just interesting) questions.  Anyone with the Goddess "stamp of approval" will be seriously considered.  If you and your question are selected, I guarantee you'll have a memorable experience and lots of fun too. Dr. Oz is absolutely delicious (sexier and yummier in person than on TV) and his entire staff is an absolute delight.

How 'bout it?  Who's game?  

Please e-mail ASAP me at, or use any other communication vehicle to contact me directly (if you know me).

Love, Love, Love,

Coming Soon - Porn Golden Oldies

Dear Friendly Readers,

I've been busy doing the painstaking research for this adult film project. Remember... one woman's/man's yummy erotica is another's nasty porn. Some people like yummy and others like nasty. There are no judgments here, just my taste and recommendations. Come back soon, ya here!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Cocksucker's Neck

Neck pain, a common complaint, is often attributed to wear-and-tear arthritis, poor posture, and repetitive strain injuries.  It’s understandable that a person, in the throws of head, neck, and shoulder discomfort will (at some point) retrace their footsteps to determine the source of their pain and take whatever steps they can to alleviate it.  Needless to say, early thoughts about my aching neck, led me to the conclusion that I’d developed a painful case of Cocksucker’s Neck.

Cocksucker’s Neck is an inflammation, soreness, and/or pain on the lateral side of the neck resulting from repetitive fellatio performed at the same angle or position.  

What can you do if you think you might be developing (or already have) Cocksucker’s Neck?
  • Don’t stop giving your partner head if it’s something you both enjoy. Simply change it up and try a different angle or position.
  • Experiment with moist heat therapy.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen) often help.
  • Alternative treatments such a Reiki are wonderful; it’s my good fortune to have a BFF who’s a Medicine Woman and Reiki Master (thanks Debra).
  • See a health care provider; it’s my good fortune to have a wonderful chiropractor (thanks Dr. Harry I feel better already).
Even if you don’t really have Cocksucker’s Neck, you probably should attend to your aching neck ASAP in order to avoid serious complications or further damage. Maintain strength and flexibility in your neck (and everywhere else) avoid repetitive motions, and remember, if it hurts, do something else.