Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Devil In Miss Jones – Original And New

The Devil In Miss Jones (Gerard Damiano 1972) is a classic adult film, starring Georgina Spelvin, in which the main character (Justine Jones) becomes trapped in her own private Hell after committing suicide. This is not one of those sappy happy, sex films people love to love.  It’s dark and cheerless, yet interesting and chock full of sultry sex scenes.  

The New Devil In Miss Jones (Paul Thomas 2005) is a remake of the original film, starring Savanna Samson (as Miss Jones) and Jenna Jamison (as the Devil) with a classy and artsy appearance by Georgina Spelvin. The three disc set which includes the full length original film and a great interview with former porn star and Director Paul Thomas delivers quite a bang for your buck.

What a difference 33 years makes in the two versions of the same adult theme. The actors are more beautiful (men included), there’s noticeably less pubic hair, and the sex is kinkier with a bit more S & M. The abundant facial cum shots are typical for a hard core movie; but this is, after all, porn at its classic best. Watching all of the bonus material offers many an opportunity to satisfy one’s prurient interest, intellectual curiosity, and is a good conversation starter. Enjoying porn with a loved one can (indeed) be more than just a libido focused activity.

The hottest sex scene in The New Devil In Miss Jones is an outdoor tingling mingling between Miss Jones and The Devil: hot, hot, hot; while the creepiest moment is an “ugly cunnilingus face” with some unattractive twisty tongue action that made me think of Roto-Rooter by the otherwise adorable and veteran porn actor Nick Manning.

Click here to watch the trailer The New Devil In Miss Jones.
Click here to watch a clip from the original Devil In Miss Jones.
Click here to watch a recent Georgina Spelvin interview on the making of the original film.

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