Thursday, September 23, 2010

Step One: Selecting A Theme For Theme-Park-Quality Sex

It’s my fun-loving intention to walk you through the process of creating and enjoying Theme-Park-Quality Sex.  It’s not as difficult a task as some of you might think.  For those of you who are new comers (pun definitely intended) to, I urge you to begin this project by checking out (or reviewing) the particulars of The Dr. Oz National Sex Experiment.  The practice develops intimacy via verbal (talking) and non-verbal (physical) methods.  Once you’ve mastered the kissing, cuddling, foreplay, and basic sex detailed on The Dr Oz Show website, you’re ready to take on what Dr. Laura Berman refers to as The Fantasy Box. It's at this juncture that Theme-Park-Quality Sex is the logical next step. Advanced Goddesses may wish to accelerate the process at any point.  My advice: GO FOR IT!

Teaching by example has always been fun for me. You can apply my ideas to your practice as a template; and personalize your sensual adventures with what works best for you and your partner.   

I’m attending a Full Moon/Equinox Fire Ceremony tonight. A sacred fire ceremony is conducted as a means of cleansing away old energies and releasing old patterns so that new patterns may be manifested. The ritual will be conducted by a credentialed Shaman and attended by like-minded friends. This is the kick-off (so to speak) of a FUNtastic new theme which I call The Pleiadian Priestess. My themes have become more detailed with experience, so don't worry if your beginning concepts are simple. Don't hesitate to abandon themes that aren't having the desired effect.

You can do it… I did… and I started at Ground Zero (no libido, infrequent sex, and a failed orgasm).  Believe it; it's the truth – the whole truth – and nothing but the truth - so help me Goddess.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love, Love, Love And Then Some...

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in the tri-state area (NY-NJ-CT). I’m happy to say I’m still in a cheery birthday frame of mind and spirit; celebrations with dear friends are ongoing. One valued friend has made a request… that my birthday isn’t over until she gets to celebrate with me. I’m now entering my third week of celebration; how cool is that?

How are you all doing with your Goddess grooming?  Are you finding and following your passions?  Are you having fun? Are you nourishing your relationships (especially the one with yourself) with love and levity? Has your sex life undergone remarkable renovations?

Your feedback on how your lives are happily unfolding delights me… so feel free to share publicly (as a comment) or privately (as an e-mail). Please join me in listening to one of my all time favorite songs by Deva Premal, Miten, and Manose In The Light of Love by clicking here.

Love, Love, Love
Your Goddess

Friday, September 10, 2010

How To Celebrate Your Birthday Like A Goddess

* Celebrate for an entire week, beginning with the Monday of your B’day and conclude on the Sunday following.
* Do whatever you want to do.
* If you’re on Facebook, be sure to indicate your birth date so your FB friends can send messages that make you feel loved.
* Keep all phones nearby so you can receive birthday songs and text messages.
* Eat whatever you want even if you’re on a diet.
* Have birthday sex (on the day of or all week).  If you lack creativity in this regard, try this:

* Dim the lights
* Light a candle with or without fragrance
* Burn incense
* Play your favorite music
* Sit beside your loved one and meditate
* Proceed with the intimacies of your choosing 
(Silently expressing affection by lying besides one another if there are health or pharmaceutical restrictions is just as potent as theme park quality fun… and if there's no partner on hand (pun intended) self love is good too.

My birthday extravaganza is unfolding amazingly well.  I began celebrating on Monday with my BFF, et al at Omega Institute’s Ecstatic Chant. Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Miten, Manose, and Jai Utal were among the superstars present. I’ve been enjoying my visual and vocal birthday messages (keep 'em coming). I practice what I preach, so the celebration will continue until Sunday.  The birthday sex (all week option) will most certainly be worthy of a Goddess.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shadow Love

This is not me or my local track
This morning while I was exercising at the local track, I could hardly take my eyes off my shadow. Right before my very eyes was a recognizable silhouette upon which there were no wrinkles and nothing jiggled. A short sleeved tee shirt concealed my poorly defined biceps, triceps, and deltoids.  Nearly knee length shorts obscured quads that desperately need some work. Today I will worship my shadow and fully enjoy the illusion of external beauty.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dissimilar Outcomes

Picture this:

My husband and I are in our sacred space.
The lights are low.
The TV is on with the sound muted. 
Incense seductively wafts through the air. 
A chanting cd is playing softly in the background.
I am in deep meditation as the sweet intimacy unfolds.
After some time, we chat… as we normally do.

Before long, I think…
Could my sweetheart have just noticed the Dow Jones Industrial Average roll by at the bottom of the TV screen and dare to speak it to me? 

The moral of the story is this:

If it works for you, celebrate.
If he comes along for the ride, celebrate a little more!