Sunday, December 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

With only five weeks left to complete the Dr. Oz 90 Day Sex Challenge, I’m beginning to wonder if (as in most other TV challenges) there’s going to be a winner. The pressure is on to have more and better sex than any other participating couple in The Land Of Dr. Mehmet Oz. It’s not that I’m normally competitive; it’s simply that I aspire to be the best possible role model for Everyday Goddesses who are joining me in a bit of carnal competition.

What might a suitable prize be for the winner of such a challenge?

A romantic dinner at one of the 10 Best Romantic Restaurants in New York City? (

A candle-lit-side-by-side massage with or a couple’s duet package at The Oasis Day Spa?(

A romantic NYC boat cruise? (

And if the winner is from out of the tri-state area... a week-end in NYC (of course).

Even if there’s no official winner or prize, I’m already a winner. I’ve won big time and so can you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fun In The Land Of Oz

I took a morning off from work this week to attend the final taping of this season’s The Dr. Oz Show. I went with my BFF Debra (aka Good Time Debbie because she’s so fun to be with). The theme of the show (to be aired in January) was Anti-Aging, a topic of growing interest to me since (like it or not) I’m aging on a daily basis. I was selected to ask Dr. Oz a question which I did with surprising ease. Besides being one of the sexiest men alive, he's just a regular guy. You’ll have to tune into the show (check your local listings at to see me standing side by side with Dr. Oz: he looking totally hot in his dark blue hospital scrubs and me in my bubble gum pink top, skinny brown cords, and Frye boots looking like the prototype for Anti-Aging Barbie. Besides the audience segment in which I appear, unless I end up on the cutting room floor, there was a segment with Dr. Mike Roizen (another brilliantly credentialed superstar) whose raison d'etre is promoting good health, and much, much more.
Anyone who has the opportunity to see the The Dr. Oz Show which is taped in NYC at 30 Rock should. It’s great fun and life should be filled with great fun.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Routine Sex Is Better Than No Sex

America has sadly become the land of sexless marriages. Couples, however, that are intimately engaged often find themselves having routine sex that consists of a few minutes of insufficient foreplay followed by a set of predictable, repeatable, and unimaginative actions. When creatively challenged lovers are lucky, their sexual routine is at least physically satisfying for both partners.

Take heed Goddesses, even the most boring sexual ruts can be tweaked. Consider my current situation, for example. My honey and I have been using background music to inspire carnal creativity. We began our musically induced sensual and meditative lovemaking some time ago exclusively using a selection of songs and mantras by my favorite female artist Deva Premal. Oh my God, it was so good we continued the practice over and over and over again. In the interest of keeping things fresh, our musical routine has been tweaked by varying the music… and Oh my God what a difference one little tweak can made. Feel free to use my music or select your own.

Deva Premal:

Love Is Space (

Mantras For Precarious Times (

Krishna Das:

Pilgrim Heart (

Heart Full Of Soul (

Flow Of Grace (

Carlos Nakai:

R. Carlos Nakai: Native American Flute Music (

Ravi Shankar:

The Best Of Ravi Shankar (

My husband and I are planning to experiment with Gregorian Chants as soon as he remembers to move the cd from his car to our home.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Dr. Oz National Sex Experiment: Part Two

Part Two of Dr. Mehmet Oz' National Sex Experiment provides some good ideas worth checking out (
  • Show The 3 A's (Appreciation, Attention, Affection (directed at men) and Appearance (directed at women)
  • Master Your Foreplay (Tips provided by Dr. Laura Berman)
  • Create A Fantasy Box (Experiment with one fantasy every other week)
If you haven't yet joined me in taking the Dr. Oz 90 Day Sex Challenge, it's not too late. If I can do it, you can too.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean Fun

If you’ve never taken a shower with a lover, you’re missing out on some really good, clean fun. If you haven’t taken a shower with your lover in a while, let me take this opportunity to remind you of the really good, clean fun you’re missing. If you already shower with your lover on a regular basis, you know how much fun and intimacy there is in habitual shower sharing.

Taking a shower with a lover (even a husband) can be so so so fun. Create your own sensuous and sanitary practice or choose from the following ideas:

  • Lathering one another’s body with a foamy and/or fragrant soap is erotic
  • Washing and conditioning your partner's hair is sensual
  • Laughing while you decide on a mutually agreeable water temperature and pressure is funny
  • Laughing when one of you drops the soap is hilarious
  • Kissing while the water is pouring down on the two of you is HOT
  • Having other sexual fun while the water is pouring down on the two of you is very HOT
  • Shaving one another (anywhere on the body that seems like a good idea in the moment) probably is. The resulting baldness serves as a happy reminder
  • Drying one another off is pleasurable and practical
  • Powdering one another prolongs the experience
  • Applying body lotion to your lover sets a nice tone for afterwards

If you’ve both shaved off your pubic hair, be prepared to be bald and bold if you see a doctor that requires you to be bottomless. Mature doctors will not laugh out loud.

Sensual baths provide additional opportunities for intimacy and hygienic fun. Light candles, drink cocktails, or engage in sexy conversation. Keep in mind, that a modest bathtub can be just as much fun as elaborate spa-like surroundings.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The results of my recent blog poll were surprising. A whopping 53% of respondents have never used any of the standard confections said to enhance oral sex, 23% have used the most commonly used erotic embellishment Cool Whip, while 15% voted Ewwww!

  • Oral Sex? Ewwww: 15%
  • Fruit Roll-Up: 0%
  • Riesen: 0%
  • MilkyWay: 0%
  • Hershey’s Kiss: 0%
  • Nutella: 0%
  • Nips Parfait: 0%
  • Jolly Rancher: 0%
  • Gummy Worm: 0%
  • Cool Whip: 23%
  • Ice Cream: 0%
  • None Of The Above: 53%
  • All Of The Above: 7%

Now would be the perfect time for those of you who are taking the Dr. Oz 90 Day Sex Challenge with me (See to experiment with oral sex and yummy sweets.

The easiest candy with which to begin your orally erotic education is the Hershey’s Kiss (See Using an edible item that you already enjoy will retrain your mindset to take pleasure in oral sex by substituting the blandness of unadorned genital skin with a yumminess you could learn to love.

If you’re a woman who’d like to have her man eating out of her hand, learn how to give him a superlative blow job. If you’re a man who’d like to have his woman feasting on his loins, buy her a bag of her favorite candy and point her in the direction of this blog.