Sunday, December 20, 2009

Routine Sex Is Better Than No Sex

America has sadly become the land of sexless marriages. Couples, however, that are intimately engaged often find themselves having routine sex that consists of a few minutes of insufficient foreplay followed by a set of predictable, repeatable, and unimaginative actions. When creatively challenged lovers are lucky, their sexual routine is at least physically satisfying for both partners.

Take heed Goddesses, even the most boring sexual ruts can be tweaked. Consider my current situation, for example. My honey and I have been using background music to inspire carnal creativity. We began our musically induced sensual and meditative lovemaking some time ago exclusively using a selection of songs and mantras by my favorite female artist Deva Premal. Oh my God, it was so good we continued the practice over and over and over again. In the interest of keeping things fresh, our musical routine has been tweaked by varying the music… and Oh my God what a difference one little tweak can made. Feel free to use my music or select your own.

Deva Premal:

Love Is Space (

Mantras For Precarious Times (

Krishna Das:

Pilgrim Heart (

Heart Full Of Soul (

Flow Of Grace (

Carlos Nakai:

R. Carlos Nakai: Native American Flute Music (

Ravi Shankar:

The Best Of Ravi Shankar (

My husband and I are planning to experiment with Gregorian Chants as soon as he remembers to move the cd from his car to our home.

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