Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fun In The Land Of Oz

I took a morning off from work this week to attend the final taping of this season’s The Dr. Oz Show. I went with my BFF Debra (aka Good Time Debbie because she’s so fun to be with). The theme of the show (to be aired in January) was Anti-Aging, a topic of growing interest to me since (like it or not) I’m aging on a daily basis. I was selected to ask Dr. Oz a question which I did with surprising ease. Besides being one of the sexiest men alive, he's just a regular guy. You’ll have to tune into the show (check your local listings at to see me standing side by side with Dr. Oz: he looking totally hot in his dark blue hospital scrubs and me in my bubble gum pink top, skinny brown cords, and Frye boots looking like the prototype for Anti-Aging Barbie. Besides the audience segment in which I appear, unless I end up on the cutting room floor, there was a segment with Dr. Mike Roizen (another brilliantly credentialed superstar) whose raison d'etre is promoting good health, and much, much more.
Anyone who has the opportunity to see the The Dr. Oz Show which is taped in NYC at 30 Rock should. It’s great fun and life should be filled with great fun.

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