Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean Fun

If you’ve never taken a shower with a lover, you’re missing out on some really good, clean fun. If you haven’t taken a shower with your lover in a while, let me take this opportunity to remind you of the really good, clean fun you’re missing. If you already shower with your lover on a regular basis, you know how much fun and intimacy there is in habitual shower sharing.

Taking a shower with a lover (even a husband) can be so so so fun. Create your own sensuous and sanitary practice or choose from the following ideas:

  • Lathering one another’s body with a foamy and/or fragrant soap is erotic
  • Washing and conditioning your partner's hair is sensual
  • Laughing while you decide on a mutually agreeable water temperature and pressure is funny
  • Laughing when one of you drops the soap is hilarious
  • Kissing while the water is pouring down on the two of you is HOT
  • Having other sexual fun while the water is pouring down on the two of you is very HOT
  • Shaving one another (anywhere on the body that seems like a good idea in the moment) probably is. The resulting baldness serves as a happy reminder
  • Drying one another off is pleasurable and practical
  • Powdering one another prolongs the experience
  • Applying body lotion to your lover sets a nice tone for afterwards

If you’ve both shaved off your pubic hair, be prepared to be bald and bold if you see a doctor that requires you to be bottomless. Mature doctors will not laugh out loud.

Sensual baths provide additional opportunities for intimacy and hygienic fun. Light candles, drink cocktails, or engage in sexy conversation. Keep in mind, that a modest bathtub can be just as much fun as elaborate spa-like surroundings.

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