Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Laura Berman’s Fantasy Box = The Love Buffet

Dr. Laura Berman and Dr. Mehmet Oz brilliantly, loving, and with pure intent devised the National Sex Experiment.  The 90-day plan is designed to reboot the sex lives of otherwise loving couples who have unwittingly allowed the oomph to drain out of their marital beds slowly but surely. The progressive blueprint for sexual success contains a handful of simple steps: talk to your partner, kiss & cuddle, have sex, and create a Fantasy Box from which to draw (premeditated and agreed upon) ideas.

My husband and I were fortunate to share a stage (last year) with the good doctors (Berman and Oz) along with two other couples willing to discuss our progress as National Sex Experimenters. When Dr. Oz asked about my Fantasy Box, my honey revealed on national TV that we have a Fantasy Room (the details of which ended up on the editing room floor).

Dr. Berman coined the term Fantasy Box; my designation is The Love Buffet.  You can refer to your erotic repertoire in any way you like (e.g. Sexual Smorgasbord, Romantic Rhapsodies, Carnal Creations, etc). The selection of your titillating terminology may further fuel your sexual interest in a fun way. A well stocked Love Buffet may contain anything of your mutual choosing: toys, games, movies, costumes, props, lights, candles, fragrances, music, and candy (just to name a few ideas). 

Lovers who invest the time and energy to talk, kiss, cuddle, and have playful, passionate, or otherwise high-quality sex on a regular basis are likely to find their relationships improve dramatically over time.  The benefits can transcend the bedroom and impact overall intimacy and marital bliss.  

Who would have ever thought my husband and I could have become the best of friends and the hottest of lovers? Surely, not I… nor he.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sacred Sexuality

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text widely considered to be a How-To-Have-Great-Sex Manual. It is, of course, all that and much, much more. The true objective of the Kama Sutra is to promote love and respect for one’s partner vis-à-vis a sexual experience.  There are many contemporary versions of this text readily available in bookstores and online.

Tantra, which includes classic texts including the Kama Sutra, strives to deepen intimacy and expand consciousness by employing the five senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste) assisted by the mind and spirit of lovers. Goddesses who’ve been using music, lighting, massage, fragrances, and candy (recommended throughout this blog) are well on the way to becoming Tantrikas; and oh what fun they must be having.

An Introduction To Tantra and Sacred Sexuality by Michael Mirdad addresses the principles and practices of the Tantric experience. “During a truly sacred sexual experience, our attention moves beyond the sexual anatomy and into the eyes and hearts of our partners… As our relationships deepen, it becomes easier to open our hearts and allow our partners into the sacred spaces of our souls.”

Mirdad explains the necessity of feeling safe and supported (physically and psychologically) at all times, the importance of being responsible (in thought, word, and deed), the significance of communication (that which is loving, respectful, and constructive), and the guidelines for trust (which allows vulnerability and surrender to unfold blissfully).  This beautiful, little book leads practitioners on a journey toward “greater heights and depths of loving, living, and being.”