Saturday, February 18, 2012

Betwixt And Between Survivor Reality TV Series

Survivor: One World aired this week on CBS. I’d been eagerly anticipating the first show of season twenty-four for weeks.  I offered incentives at work for all to watch, so I could have many loved ones with whom to discuss my now favorite TV series.  Prizes for all who watched were promised as well as official membership in the newly formed Soho Survivor Fan Cool Club.

My love affair with Survivor began with season twenty-three, Survivor: South Pacific. I watched South Pacific like any normal viewer, one episode a week for the duration of the season.  Next I turned my sweet husband onto the series when I ordered the complete second season of Survivor: Australian Outback. He was instantly and happily hooked. From then on, we watched at least one episode a day (or night) if we were both at home (there was an unspoken agreement not to watch alone). Next came season three, Africa and then Marquesas.   

My Sweetie and I now face a seemingly mammoth conundrum… what to do… what to watch.  We’re waiting for Survivor: Thailand (season five) to arrive in the mail.
Our dilemma is this.  How can we possibly watch one current episode of Survivor a week and be satisfied?  No bonus features? No uncut exit interviews? No Early Show interviews? Our conundrum is rapidly becoming a quandary.  Do we save One World episodes on our DVR and watch them all at the end of the season? What if the DVR crashes as it’s been known to do? And what of the Cool Club at work? Club members have yet to discuss the first episode as I haven’t yet watched it. Can my Sweetie and I watch two seasons simultaneously? One in rapid succession and one drawn out S-L-O-W-L-Y over the course of several months?

There’s no doubt my medicine man (Buffalo Horn Cloud) would say, “If this is your problem, you surely have an awesome life.”  And I do.  Aho… Yes…And so it is.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day And Every Day: I Wish You LOVE

Romantic Love, Parent Love, Friend Love, Universal Love