Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Is My Sweet Little Jellie Without The Wig

This is Jellie without a wig. (See Jellie with a wig). She's my lap cat who loves watching TV (especially The Dr. Oz Show). She loves to eat and sleep. She bites (as an indication that she wants to eat). She likes a pristine litter box. She's a beautiful kitty and I love her.

Friday, February 26, 2010

M.T. Nestus Interruptus

My son came home from school for the week-end. His goals appeared two-fold: to go shopping with his Dad for rugby equipment and to spend time with his local friends. My agenda was different; I hoped for some (not much) meaningful communication. The first hour of his homecoming was the best for me. We talked (really talked) about his classes, his social life, athletics vs. Greek life, and such. He showed me a paper he’d written about Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. I could hardly believe my ears... my baby boy reading Kafka? The boy that left home in August for the wilds of Long Island has indeed begun to evolve.

And so began a week-end of M.T. Nestus Interruptus (brief interruption of a budding empty nest).  I walked a fine between being the observer who remained silent as my son made his own decisions and being the helicopter mom who never remained silent about anything. I worried about my son’s still developing amygdala (the emotional part of the brain that contributes to reckless teen behavior) and the testosterone pumping through his adolescent-ravaged body. I hoped (as always) he was mature and commonsensical enough to make good choices.

My honey and I have been getting used to the prospect of life as empty nesters, comfortable in the knowledge that it’s only temporary for now while our children are away at school. Our daily habits have changed substantially. Our weekly shopping excursions yield fewer bags of foods and snacks. Dinnertime at home is generally late, while dining out is commonly early. I don’t have to share my car. Best of all is the noticeable absence of a mess in every corner of the house (except for my paperwork which is everywhere).  We seem to worry less about what our children are up to.  Maybe it’s believing they are safe in a controlled environment, or perhaps it's because we’ve discovered some magnificent distractions.

It’s all good: an empty nest, M.T. Nestus Interruptus, and M.T. Nestus Resuminus (return to the delights of an empty nest). But best of all for me is a Snow Day (like today) in which I’m snowed in with my husband and the children are safely snowed in away at school. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goddess Goody Bag Give-Away

Would you like to win a Goddess Goody Bag?

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Send me an e-mail at and tell me what you like (or don’t like) about this blog. Tell me which ideas you’ve tried (whether they’ve been a huge success or an abysmal failure). Tell me anything you’d like in 250 words or less. Please indicate whether or not you’d like me to post your entry if you’re the winner. Privacy will, of course, be respected (no real names will be posted). Offer expires March 18th.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MC Yogi - Give Love

Dear Readers,

I've tried and tried to upload (or is it download) the new 
MC Yogi video Give Love such that it would appear right here on my blog. My technological attempts, however, to do this have failed. Please click on the blue MC Yogi link which will transport you to the website on which this fabulous new video will be easily clickable.

Love, Love, Love

Monday, February 15, 2010

Magical Mystical Detours With My BFF

My BFF Debra (Medicine Woman, Reiki Master, and overall Good Time Gal Pal) is unquestionably the most influential person in my life (husband and children not included). She inspires me (on a daily basis) to be my best self and accompanies me on spiritual field trips during which we enjoy an assortment of fun-filled metaphysical experiences. Debra and I became friends when our sons (now in college) were in the same first grade class. We’ve shared a Cub Scout Troop, mommy angst, local politics and have managed to survive it all (so far).

The short list of transcendental fun Debra and I have shared includes attending kirtans (chanting) with Krishna Das, Past Life Regressions, and Shamanic Journeys. We read our Tarot Cards during the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes as well as the Summer and Winter Solstices. We explore local vortexes and hike in areas where the beauty of nature surrounds us. We do yoga together (not often enough); we meditate; and we’re always up for new spiritual adventures.

Our most recent spiritual field trip was to a workshop, Ascension Now, given by Solara An-Ra, an international spiritual teacher, whose gift is “making complex spiritual techniques and concepts simple, accessible, and joyful.”  Solara channels advice and information from her guides and is currently working with the ‘Councils of Light’ – a collective of Andromedan, Sirian and Pleiadians. (Note: If this blog post is too Star Trekky for you, feel free to sign out now and come back in a few days to find something less so.) The Pleiadians resonated most with me. They're loving Star Beings who promote fun and happiness as a means of spiritual growth.

My husband isn’t exactly a spiritual sympathizer. He’s skeptical about many of the things I’m into; yet he always listens respectfully when I talk about my adventures in the light. Sometimes his skepticism dwindles to near nothing and he’s a believer in the moment. Such was the case when I told him about my evening with Debra, Solara, and the Pleiadians (among others). He even coined a new term. The Pleiadian Kiss is an inspired and amazing outcome of meditative lovemaking.  Sometimes, my honey is indeed a believer.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Strange Head Fellows

I love writing about people who've had a positive impact on my life. It’s my way of celebrating and thanking them for their contributions to my well being. I’ve honored many on these e-pages including Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Laura Berman, and Dr. Mehmet Oz Many of my great ideas these days have been inspired by the celebrity voices in my head; and what better way to honor your teachers than to be a luminous student.

Oprah is a frequent guest in my head, probably because I’ve enjoyed and absorbed many a show over the years on which she's discussed a plethora of topics about health, spirit, relationships, finances, entertainment, and whatever else in the world needs discussing. When Oprah says it’s OK to talk about or do something, it’s really OK. It’s as if civilization recognizes "The Oprah Seal of Approval." She’s an entertainer, an educator, and a friend (in the energetic sense of the word) who gives of her gifts such that individuals (like me) may be inspired to live their best life. 

Dr. Berman reminds me to keep my eye on the prize of a superlative marital relationship: a trio of intimacy, fun, and great sex.  Her information is always delivered with professionalism, style, and humor. I'm still following the three part, seven step (how to have the best sex of your life) plan that she discussed on the finale of  Dr. Oz National Sex Experiment and I'm happy to report, the plan is working well.

Dr. Oz keeps me focused on good health habits. I’ve started eating breakfast and I’m seriously trying to cut back on eating simple sugars and bleached foods. I’ve even begun to experiment with fresh fruit as an alternative to candy during oral sex. You can have healthy, sensual fun with berries, melon, and juicy pineapple chunks. Top this off with a mouthful of dark chocolate (high in anti-oxidants) and you’re likely to consider putting this dessert activity on the menu when planning your next romantic dinner. Just be careful to avoid finding yourself in a predicament in which you have to explain why you (or your partner) has a blueberry lodged in a place where one shouldn’t be.

All in all, I’d say the celebrity voices in my head don’t make such strange head fellows. Love, Love, Love and Thank you, Thank you Thank you to Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Laura Berman, and Dr. Mehmet Oz for taking up space in my head. If only I could charge rent.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vibrators For Valentine's Day

The most memorable Valentine I ever received was a Wahl  7-in- 1 Vibrator. Sadly, this seemingly ancient memory isn’t associated with my darling husband. Truth be told, my honey rarely gives me gifts.  It just isn’t his way of showing love or affection.  He hates to shop, wrap, and do the things required for satisfactory gift giving. This is perfectly fine with me. If I want something, I get it myself; and it’s always perfection. 

I’ve already purchased and enjoyed this year’s Valentine’s Day gift:  an adorable Bullet Buddie Vibrator from Babeland my favorite SoHo shop.

Bullet Buddies come in five entertaining animal shapes and colors: a pink bunny, a blue dolphin, a purple kitty, a green caterpillar, and a red monkey (my choice). They're small, waterproof, wireless, battery operated, and are covered in the highest quality silicone which allows for meticulous hygiene and safety. The surprisingly strong vibration of this compact vibrator is sure to be a knock-your-socks off-get-your-rocks-off pleaser.

Not long ago my friend Linda (the Editor) asked me about vibrators that are good for traveling since she’s away quite often for business.  I haven’t been on a plane in ages so I’ve never had to concern myself with airline security and the potential need to explain an odd apparatus in my purse or luggage.  The Bullet Buddie is perfect for travel.  If you ever find yourself at a security checkpoint in need of an explanation, just say this:

“I’m an anxious flyer and this is an anxiety relieving toy. I hold it in the palm of my hand and play with it as a distraction particularly during take offs and landings. In its vibrating state, I place it on my forehead, between my eyebrows to relieve tension headache pain.”

Do not refer to this joyful toy as a Bullet Buddie since this might not go over well with airline security in our new age of caution. Just call it, my little Bunny, Dolphin, Kitty, Caterpillar, or Monkey. Hopefully, you’ll arrive at your destination with your toy intact and not be detained for having a suspicious artifact in your possession. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Husband Does So Look Like Brad Pitt

Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do (and I hope we all know that filling one’s life with one’s favorite things is good for the soul). I often catch up with my dvr’d films early in the morning. On days off from work, like today, I get out of bed at 6:30 AM, brush my teeth, make a cup of coffee, plant myself on a loveseat, pick a flick, and wait for my cat Jellie to lie across my fleece draped lap and fall asleep.

This morning I watched Kalifornia, a 1993 film starring Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, David Duchovny, and Michelle Forbes. The rating is for abundant violence and sexual content which is not very pretty. I didn’t love the movie; it was too violent. I did, however, love, love, love Brad Pitt’s performance. He’s such a wonderful actor, so versatile not to mention easy on the eyes (even when he looks scruffy and dirty). I probably selected this film (of the many in my stash) because of last night. I was lying in the crook of my husband’s arm, looking upwards toward the right side of his face.  From that angle, he looked just like Brad Pitt. 

Take a look at the picture of Brad atop this blog post.  If you place an index card over it, from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner (forming two right triangles in which the left triangle is obscured by the index card) that’s just what my husband looks like in our dimly lit fantasy room. My husband does indeed, have Brad Pitt’s mouth and smile.

I don’t ever fantasize that Brad Pitt and I are making love. He’s really not even my type. But it is fun to be with my honey when he’s lying in the right light, at the right angle, looking like the male half of Brangelina.