Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vibrators For Valentine's Day

The most memorable Valentine I ever received was a Wahl  7-in- 1 Vibrator. Sadly, this seemingly ancient memory isn’t associated with my darling husband. Truth be told, my honey rarely gives me gifts.  It just isn’t his way of showing love or affection.  He hates to shop, wrap, and do the things required for satisfactory gift giving. This is perfectly fine with me. If I want something, I get it myself; and it’s always perfection. 

I’ve already purchased and enjoyed this year’s Valentine’s Day gift:  an adorable Bullet Buddie Vibrator from Babeland my favorite SoHo shop.

Bullet Buddies come in five entertaining animal shapes and colors: a pink bunny, a blue dolphin, a purple kitty, a green caterpillar, and a red monkey (my choice). They're small, waterproof, wireless, battery operated, and are covered in the highest quality silicone which allows for meticulous hygiene and safety. The surprisingly strong vibration of this compact vibrator is sure to be a knock-your-socks off-get-your-rocks-off pleaser.

Not long ago my friend Linda (the Editor) asked me about vibrators that are good for traveling since she’s away quite often for business.  I haven’t been on a plane in ages so I’ve never had to concern myself with airline security and the potential need to explain an odd apparatus in my purse or luggage.  The Bullet Buddie is perfect for travel.  If you ever find yourself at a security checkpoint in need of an explanation, just say this:

“I’m an anxious flyer and this is an anxiety relieving toy. I hold it in the palm of my hand and play with it as a distraction particularly during take offs and landings. In its vibrating state, I place it on my forehead, between my eyebrows to relieve tension headache pain.”

Do not refer to this joyful toy as a Bullet Buddie since this might not go over well with airline security in our new age of caution. Just call it, my little Bunny, Dolphin, Kitty, Caterpillar, or Monkey. Hopefully, you’ll arrive at your destination with your toy intact and not be detained for having a suspicious artifact in your possession. 


  1. Great idea to say it's stress reliever to airport security - it's so true in so many ways. Hehe :)

  2. can't just say it's a vibrator/sex toy?

  3. Of course you can. However, some people might prefer not to. It's always better to have options.