Monday, February 15, 2010

Magical Mystical Detours With My BFF

My BFF Debra (Medicine Woman, Reiki Master, and overall Good Time Gal Pal) is unquestionably the most influential person in my life (husband and children not included). She inspires me (on a daily basis) to be my best self and accompanies me on spiritual field trips during which we enjoy an assortment of fun-filled metaphysical experiences. Debra and I became friends when our sons (now in college) were in the same first grade class. We’ve shared a Cub Scout Troop, mommy angst, local politics and have managed to survive it all (so far).

The short list of transcendental fun Debra and I have shared includes attending kirtans (chanting) with Krishna Das, Past Life Regressions, and Shamanic Journeys. We read our Tarot Cards during the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes as well as the Summer and Winter Solstices. We explore local vortexes and hike in areas where the beauty of nature surrounds us. We do yoga together (not often enough); we meditate; and we’re always up for new spiritual adventures.

Our most recent spiritual field trip was to a workshop, Ascension Now, given by Solara An-Ra, an international spiritual teacher, whose gift is “making complex spiritual techniques and concepts simple, accessible, and joyful.”  Solara channels advice and information from her guides and is currently working with the ‘Councils of Light’ – a collective of Andromedan, Sirian and Pleiadians. (Note: If this blog post is too Star Trekky for you, feel free to sign out now and come back in a few days to find something less so.) The Pleiadians resonated most with me. They're loving Star Beings who promote fun and happiness as a means of spiritual growth.

My husband isn’t exactly a spiritual sympathizer. He’s skeptical about many of the things I’m into; yet he always listens respectfully when I talk about my adventures in the light. Sometimes his skepticism dwindles to near nothing and he’s a believer in the moment. Such was the case when I told him about my evening with Debra, Solara, and the Pleiadians (among others). He even coined a new term. The Pleiadian Kiss is an inspired and amazing outcome of meditative lovemaking.  Sometimes, my honey is indeed a believer.

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