Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basking "In The Light Of LOVE"

This is an especially happy story about basking “In The Light Of LOVE” with spiritual friends Debra, Maryanda, Maryse, Joyce, Dorte, Cathy, and Laura. It’s about serendipity, manifestation, and (of course) LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE.

Some months ago when I learned Krishna Das and Deva Premal & Miten with Manose were planning The Chant Super-Tour (a 15 city, 22 day kirtan event that concluded in NYC) I was thrilled. I knew I’d be there with my like-minded gal pals in a large like-minded gathering. Though I’ve attended many a kirtan (peaceful energy based call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit mantras) with KD, I’d yet to fully experience Deva Premal, et al (though I’ve been enjoying them for years via compact disc). I’ve been in joyous contact with a gracious Deva thanks to the ease of e-mail.

Joyce was on the last plane out of Dublin where she spent a milestone birthday (before air travel was halted due to volcanic activity in Iceland). Debra (my BFF) drove her tightly packed van into the city where we found a parking space several car lengths from the entrance to Webster Hall (the concert venue). We had a bite to eat in a lovely nearby café; and when we realized a line was forming in front of the theater, we scurried in hopes of still finding good seats. Movement into the theater was slow. Unexpectedly, there was Deva Premal and Miten who greeted me (and Maryanda) with loving hugs and kisses. I couldn’t have planned a more memorable encounter. We found perfect seats (just below center stage) where we enjoyed LOVE inspired voices accompanied by a magical blend of harmonium, keyboard, acoustic & bass guitars, flutes, violin, and finger cymbals. The singing was magnificently complimented by sweet stories that generated smiles and laughter. We were en masse in LOVE. KD (as always) graciously and loving chatted, hugged, and kissed fans who gathered around him as the audience dispersed while DP & M greeted people on stage. It was then that I shared a sweet moment with Manose among the scattering crowd.

Since the kirtan Thursday evening, I’ve continued to bask “In The Light Of LOVE” (a song so titled on the latest DP & M in concert cd). Click here for a sweet musical treat and experience the LOVE for yourself. Namaste.

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