Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dr. Oz Show Wants YOU

Dear Friendly Readers,

There will be an "Ask Dr. Oz Show: Sex Edition" very, very, very soon.  In fact, the taping is next Wednesday.  One of my very, very very favorite producers is looking for questioners with yummy (or just interesting) questions.  Anyone with the Goddess "stamp of approval" will be seriously considered.  If you and your question are selected, I guarantee you'll have a memorable experience and lots of fun too. Dr. Oz is absolutely delicious (sexier and yummier in person than on TV) and his entire staff is an absolute delight.

How 'bout it?  Who's game?  

Please e-mail ASAP me at EverydayGoddess118@gmail.com, or use any other communication vehicle to contact me directly (if you know me).

Love, Love, Love,

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