Monday, November 16, 2009

Sex: Abundance or Famine?

The airwaves and Internet are rife with personal accounts and scientific information on relationships and sexuality. One can expect to find daily talk show hosts and their guests discussing hot topics such as how to nourish intimacy, how to restore romance, and how to have better sex. The Internet picks up where daytime TV leaves off with photos, blogs, and step by step instructions on how to do anything you might have ever considered in bed and elsewhere. The following is a small sample:

Dr. Laura Berman is a media friendly therapist who appears regularly on the Oprah Show. Pretty, perky, and an endearing visual and vocal Goldie Hawn double, Dr. Berman’s forte is sex and relationships. She’s also featured on Oprah’s website under the heading of Better in Bed where she provides expert advice, homework, informative videos, and more.

Rabbi Shmuley Botech (, author of The Kosher Sutra 8 Sacred Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Restoring Passion for Life, was a recent guest on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Of the many interesting things he mentioned, the following were particularly noteworthy:

  1. One out of three women are taking anti-depressants
  2. A third of marriages are entirely platonic, entirely sexless
  3. Women need intimacy, men need novelty
  4. Monogamy need not be monotony

Dr. Mehmet Oz, new to the daily talk show circuit, recently began a show introducing his National Sex Experiment as follows:

“We are a nation in crisis, in the midst of a sexual famine, and it stops now. For the next 90 days, in the nation’s bedrooms, Americans pledge to save their lives by saving their sex lives. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. We need volunteers…”

I urge all readers to volunteer with me and take the 90 Day Sex Challenge ( The initial requirements for you and your loved one are relatively easy:

  1. Talk to each other for 10 minutes a day
  2. Kiss and cuddle for 10 minutes three times a week
  3. Have sex a minimum of once a week

Even though I’m already onboard with daily talking, kissing, cuddling, and the minimum weekly requirement stated above, I too can improve my relationship and sex life. There is no end to improving intimacy, novelty, and fun. I say, "the more, the better."

Start today. I’d love to follow your progress. Please email me at

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