Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanks to Thanksgiving weekend our two terrific children came home from school for the holiday. Our daughter came home on Tuesday (for five days and five nights) and our son came home Wednesday (for four days and four nights) … but… who’s counting? Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to see and spend time with “the girl” and “the boy” as my husband and I often call them.

At any given time, at least one of our progeny was home, either sprawled out on the living room couch or making a mess somewhere where there wasn't one before. Our marital privacy was nearly reduced to what it was during the glory days of child-rearing (or so it seemed). Suffice it to say, I don't feel connubially comfortable with my husband when our children are in the house.

By Saturday night, after days and days of the holiday homecoming, I’d either stooped to new a low or I’d risen to a new high in order to spend some alone time with my husband. I gave my son fifty dollars as a bribe to take his sister shopping; I gave my daughter a credit card, and off they went. Happy to be alone at last, my honey and I high tailed it up to our hottie hideaway to be lovers, not parents.

Today is Monday and I am thankful that my children are back in school where they should be.

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