Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goddessentials: How I Lost Twenty Pounds

I’ve finally reached my Weight Watcher’s goal weight by losing twenty (count ‘em twenty) pounds. My WW friends (all happy about my success) applauded me and Michelle (the leader) was as proud as a running coach whose athlete just completed the New York City Marathon in record time.

So how did I do it? I devised and followed The Goddess Weight-Loss Libido-Revitalization Self-Improvement Plan... the elements of which are described below.

The Goddess plan begins with the tried and true Weight Watcher’s program of weekly meetings (when life permits) and following their “Good Health Guidelines” consisting of healthy food choices (fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, milk, and lean protein). There are no longer forbidden foods on WW; it’s all about choices. My candy quota (generally limited to one or two points a day) is exclusively positioned and eaten off a zero point, zero calorie body part that belongs to my naturally sweet husband. Exercise is strongly encouraged; and as Michelle often says, “Eat less, move more.” My daily exercise routine consists of any combination of running, walking, stationary bike, light weight training, and yoga.

I spend as much time as possible enjoying things I love such as: working (I love my job), chanting, sharing experiences (especially metaphysical) with like minded friends, meditation, watching my favorite TV shows, reading, blogging, and last but certainly not least being with my hubby and children.

Intimate time with my husband in our attic hideaway is probably the activity I love best. It’s when and where I feel safe, secure, loved, and sexy. It has become our private time and place to enjoy the sensuality that has transformed our relationship from ho hum to oh my god, this is fucking awesome. Sex is an essential part of the human experience and can be enjoyed as part of an intimate relationship or alone with your favorite fantasy and/or sex toy.

The Goddess Weight-Loss Libido-Revitalization Self-Improvement Plan is a heart healthy, attitudinally positive, spiritually uplifting, sexually delightful way to improve your waistline, your mind-set, your marriage, and everything else that matters in your world and beyond. Try it and see for yourself. You and everyone around you will be glad you did.

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