Sunday, June 21, 2009

Newbie Intro

Newbies (a.k.a. newcomers) may not know what kind of site they’ve stumbled upon when the initial visual is a FrozFruit or Weight Watchers ice cream bar (see below). What kind of site is this?…. they may wonder as they read the words adjacent to the images. She licks FrozFruit off her husband’s what?… they gasp out loud (GOL). It doesn’t look like a porno site… they think as they further scrutinize the entries and observe no nudity or lewdity. Should I read more and see if there’s something to learn or laugh about?… they question with some trepidation.

I write this blog because I’m an everyday woman with an everyday life. I’m a wife of twenty-two years, a mother of two, a kitty aficionado, and a friend to many. I juggle my home life, work life, and passions with some success. I’m into my marriage, children, family life, friends, work, spirituality, yoga, and meditation. Everything that’s important to me falls somewhere within one of these categories.

I’m in an extraordinarily good place in my life. I choose to write about the things I find meaningful, beautiful, healthful, or funny. I choose to write about feel-good topics because I’d rather focus on the positive and discount the negative. If you want to read about my in-laws from hell or how I gained and lost the same fifteen pounds repeatedly over that last thirty years, forgetaboudit. I choose to write about how my life has gone from good to great, and how my husband and I redefined our marriage and cultivated a dynamic & sensual love affair after two decades of marriage.

That being said, IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Astute newbies learn early on that this blog is about a lot more than how to combine the joys of eating sweet treats and oral sex. It’s about womanhood, motherhood, wifedom, friendship, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I’m an everyday woman with an everyday life. Moreover, I’m an everyday goddess and you can be one too.

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