Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Be A Goddess: Step Two

The Art of Creative Living (also known as practicing a goddess lifestyle) necessitates an innovative spin on everything. Most endeavors, when infused with a creative spark, can be improved. Add humor to the mix and the result is extraordinary. You can even reverse a bad mood. Consider the following game an antidote to cheerlessness.

Your partner comes home in a visibly bad mood. You choose to restructure said bad mood with creativity and humor. Together you proceed to a location that’s conducive to mood modification. You play a libidinous goddess game like this:

  • Start with a fun concept, something out of the ordinary. How about a green theme?
  • Begin your game with a green, mint-flavored condom.
  • Brainstorm about things associated with the color green. How about Leprechauns, Fairies, Shamrocks, and Pots of Gold?
  • Sometimes, for some people, silliness goes hand in hand with laughter: the elixir of life and love. You’ll know early on if this game is or isn’t working; be prepared to try something else ASAP.
  • Introduce a green Lottery scratch off game ticket such as New York’s Double Dollars. If you’re a winner, celebrate. If you’re not a winner this time, celebrate.
  • Make Pixie Love or Green Love (whatever that means). You can give your partner a Fairy Blow Job or receive a mouthful of Sprite Cunnilingus. Be creative, erotic, and passionate. Have Fun… Fun… Fun. It's all about having FUN, oodles of sensual FUN!

If the above sounds unappealing or just plain stupid, try something else.

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