Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sensual Profiling

If sensual profiling was a crime, I would no doubt be found guilty on numerous counts. This is a sad admission for me since I aspire to be unbiased in all venues.

Most days, I have in my purse about a half dozen Fruit Roll-Ups with my everydaygoddess.org sticker.  I hand them out as I see fit to women who are attractive, stylish, youngish rather than oldish, those wearing skinny jeans, and anyone else I deem sexy and potentially receptive to the substance of my blog.  Obviously, this is an exceedingly subjective process.

I wonder if I saw a woman on line at Starbucks, who looked exactly like me, whether or not I’d give her one of my fruit snacks.  Truth be told, I think not. I would believe she was not pretty enough, too old, or simply just not the type to give the best head on the planet.  How erroneous sensual profiling can be!

I am a Goddess… an Everyday Goddess.  I don’t have to be an A-list-look-a-like with perfect make-up and designer clothes.  I can be who I am… an extraordinary, ordinary woman who is in touch with her inner goddess… something every woman can do.

So… if you meet me on line at Starbucks, or just walking down the street, and I give you a Fruit Roll-Up, know that I either think you’re really HOT looking, or I’ve overcome my discriminatory tendencies.

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