Thursday, June 11, 2009

How To Be A Goddess : Step One

One key element required to cultivate the goddess within is the enrichment of self-esteem. In order to be a goddess, it’s important to feel like one, act like one, and know that you are and have always been one.

The Ya-Yas (my childhood, sister-quality friends and I) are celebrating a milestone birthday this year. The age we’ve agreed to disclose is forty-one (a tad more than Jennifer Aniston). This fabrication is obvious to anyone who knows our collective children are teens and young marrieds (some with offspring of their own). In honor of this unspecified milestone, the nucleus of the Ya-Yas (Marilyn, Lois, Barbara, and I) went to The Oasis Day Spa in NYC. I opted for their Signature Aromatherapy Massage... a heavenly Swedish massage with essential oils (I chose the Passion fragrance (of course). Barbara had a massage, Marilyn and Lois chose facials.

Dinner followed at Artisinal, a lovely French bistro, across the street from the spa. We were joined by our friend Rhona, another of our extended childhood group. We ate, drank, reminisced, caught up with our current events, laughed a lot, and had the most wonderful time imaginable. I ordered Passion Tea (of course) and a dessert we shared.

Spa Day (as we call it) demonstrates one way to be a goddess. Treat yourself well. Have fun. And most important, be with people you love as often as possible.

PS: The passion aromatherapy and passion tea contributed passionately to the gloriously happy mood I was in when I got home to my husband.

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