Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crystal Healing Bowls

I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending a crystal healing bowl event with Jay Schwed. Rather than provide further verbiage which wouldn’t likely do Jay or his gifts justice, I include herein the video that appears on his website:

Following a guided crystal bowl meditation with Jay, our group joined him in a healing music jam session. We were invited to bring an instrument if we had one. I brought my own handmade drum made by Sonja Holy Eagle: It was a magnificent evening spent with like minded individuals.

Jay’s performance schedule is listed on his website. There are some upcoming events in New York City including a performance in Central Park on July 7th as well as others beyond the Big Apple. If you can see Jay in person, I highly recommend doing so.

What’s the point of all this? This is an example of how I pursue my interests. When I do what I love, I’m uplifted and renewed. For me, following my passion includes doing metaphysical things. For others, it may be cooking, reading, skiing, or whatever. Find your passion and fill your life with it. That's what goddesses do.

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