Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sex And The Food Network

Picture this:

There are two TVs on a long… low… table at the foot of a futon in a love nest upstairs. 

She’s watching the TV to the right.  The Food Network is playing (Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals).

He’s watching the TV to the left.  Gerard Damiano’s adult film is playing (Never So Deep starring Loni Sanders).

She rests her head midway between his stomach and chest.  Her hand glides…  her mouth slides… wherever and however. He’s turned on and happy beyond his wildest marital expectations; so is She.

Intermittently, She looks over at his movie. If the scene is sensually appealing, She watches. If there’s copious pubic hair, gooey mucous membranes, or anything else She finds unsightly, She turns back to her show.  Now and then, He redirects his eyes from his movie, to the enchantress at his loins, to Rachel Ray and back to his adult film.

She focuses on the Flank Steak Pinwheels on her screen as She feasts on him.  His eyes are closed.   

They love watching The Food Network together, often while watching an adult film.  Rachel Ray is the family favorite and is watched downstairs in the living room as often as upstairs in private.  They love everything about her, her quirky vocabulary, her endearing mannerisms, her adorable smile, and more.

She wonders though, would Rach be delighted or offended at the thought of being included in the attic frolics?  They both hope she’d be delighted.

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