Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mood Music

Background music is generally an ambiance enhancer. Whether it’s elevator music, mall music, or just my everyday Windows Media Player music, I love the effect it has on my being. I especially take pleasure in listening to spiritual music. When I listen to chanting in my cozy office at work, I feel peaceful, focused, and productive. Deva Premal and Krishna Das are two of my favorite vocal artists. I have many of their CDs and love them all. I’ve been to several Krishna Das events and look forward to seeing Deval Premal on stage (hopefully this year).

Love is Space by Deva Premal was the first CD my lover and I listened to in our love nest in the attic. When the cut Ide Were Were began, I immediately knew this was the perfect song for the perfect mood. The lyrics found below are phonetic.

Ide were were nita ochun

Ide were were

Ide were were nita ochun

Ide were were nita ya

Ocha kiniba nita ochun

Cheke cheke cheke

Nita ya

Ide were were

Ochun is the goddess of love. The chant speaks about a necklace which is a symbol of the initiation into love. (Yoruba, West Africa)

The placement and movement of my hands, lips, and mouth on my lover’s instrument came naturally as I engaged myself fully in the music and lyrics. It was perfection.

I later asked my husband if he got anything out of the chant. He said that though the music was nice, he didn’t get much out of it. He did, however, enjoy the heavenly activity that accompanied the song. That’s okay because this is really all about me and expressing myself as a Goddess. The fact that this is as wonderful for him is the icing on the cake.

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