Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oral Sex: A Weight Watcher's Dream

Dr. Laura Berman, sex therapist and author, referred to the following statistic on The Oprah Show.  “Of the 89% of women who engage in giving oral sex, 43% say they enjoy it; 44% say they do it just for him, and the rest don’t like it.”  Moreover, Dr. Berman said of oral sex, “it can deliver an intimate, intense sexual bond that has the power to enhance your entire relationship.” 

It’s no secret that men LOVE receiving oral sex.  Women who don’t naturally enjoy giving head can learn to LOVE it by acquiring a more conducive mindset along with a creative technique. 

The Goal:  To enjoy performing the art of fellatio as much as (or even more) than the recipient.

Note:  This is NOT about giving your partner pleasure, though this is a byproduct and a natural outcome (no pun intended).

Example:  Incorporate your favorite candy when performing oral sex.  Even Weight Watchers like me can use sweets as long as the points are accounted for.  I’ve lost thirteen pounds since my Goddess days began.  My sex life is but a single, yet integral part of my spiritually positive, weight-loss negative existence.

Note:  My husband (the primary grocery shopper) and I (the occasional impulse buyer) have fun selecting products for sensual enjoyment.  Whatever we’ve played with is generally (in the moment) the best and yummiest experience ever.  A fun-size (appropriately named) MilkyWay is thus far my all-time favorite. It’s a two point candy bar, the perfect size for a single use.  We Weight Watchers often don’t do well with leftovers. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how to use a fun-size MilkyWay while giving great head.

Conclusion:  I think I get the better end of the deal (by having a succulent candy moment) while my husband thinks he did better (by receiving an extraordinary, well-motivated BJ)!



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