Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gift Of Gab

I have loved to talk as far back as I can remember.  When I was in elementary school, my report card nearly always showed a nasty red N (needs improvement) in conduct.  Some teachers complained that I was an “incessant” talker.  I don’t recall ever being reprimanded by my parents for this. Perhaps they instinctively knew that one day chatting would be one of my favorite activities.

That being said, I talk (and listen) to individuals everywhere I go, be it on line at the supermarket, sitting on the "W" train, or with people I know (casually or close). I love the stories and the genuine exchange that often takes place.  Sometimes it’s only a brief encounter, and other times it’s lengthy.  Either way, I’m happy to make a connection.

Intimate secrets are time and again revealed to me by individuals I meet for the first time and those I know well.  I never repeat what’s told to me in confidence.  I love to give advice whether I’m asked for it or not (though I’m working on the skill to just listen and give my opinion only when asked).

I admit I was relieved to learn that other women were not having great sex.  In fact, many of the women I spoke with weren’t having any sex at all.  I could easily relate to that.  In my pre-Goddess days, I was having irregular, obligatory sex with my husband of two decades.  It was just enough to feel like a typical married couple.


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