Saturday, May 30, 2009

Verbal Skills

Storytelling can be a marvelous fantasy tool as a prelude or postlude to sex play. A couple can engage in sensory stimulation using words and creativity without actually doing anything too weird or socially unacceptable.  An anecdote such as the one below can be told in the first person or otherwise. Fine points can be highly erotic or mildly suggestive. Bits of real life may be embellished or details can be completely fabricated, whatever feels best.

Late one night, I told my husband the following story as if I were describing the highlights of my day: 

Rachel, a co-worker, invited me to join her and some friends at Alta, a Mediterranean restaurant, in the West Village. We sat in a cozy booth near the fireplace and ordered an assortment of dishes to share. The goat cheese fritters with lavender honey was incredible and the crabmeat cannelloni was to die for.  Conversation flowed as easily as the red sangria. I sat between a Spaniard (who looked dashing in his tight, black leather pants, a perfect body obvious) and his Wife (who was goddess quality gorgeous, a dark haired beauty with striking eyes a memorable shade of turquoise). 

The Spaniard flirted shamelessly with me from the get go. As the alcohol relaxed whatever inhibitions we came in with, conversation turned sexual. The Spaniard moved closer to me and soon thereafter he began speaking softly into my ear, his lips occasionally brushing the side of my face and neck. His hand brushed my knee. Then the touching began in earnest, above my knee and then towards my thigh. I received his advances reluctantly at first, but the more I drank, the more receptive I became…

As I continued my story, I got progressively more graphic while hands-on activity accentuated the best parts of the tale. Storytelling works best with visual people.  A tasty alcoholic beverage can further enhance one's frame of mind.

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