Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warnings And Disclaimers

Caution must always be exercised by the artist when partaking in the candy arts of oral sex.  Reckless enjoyment of hard candies (in particular) could be a choking hazard.  Likewise, aspirated candy spittle juices could result in dry drowning. 

Imagine how you would feel if you were saved by your local rescue squad following a frantic 911 call. The scene might go something like this:

OPERATOR:  911 what is your emergency?

NAKED RECIPIENT OF BJ:  My wife is choking on a sour ball, come quickly

OPERATOR:  Is she breathing?

NAKED RECIPIENT OF BJ:  I can’t tell; her mouth is still attached to my ummmm, errrr…

Do you think that EMT workers or hospital personnel would respect HIPA privacy regulations with a story like that?  Your tale could easily end up on the 6 o’clock news with a great deal of bleeping, as a joke in David Letterman’s monologue, or on the Internet with every embarrassing detail and then some.

Women, who are inspired to their full Goddess potential, may find their sexual partners disinterested or hostile.  This could be due to medical conditions or drug side effects that render the receiver unable to respond as desired. Disinterest can generally be worked with while overt hostility is more of a problem.

Candy contains calories, lots of them, and may be full of saturated fat.  Wanton use of confections could result in obesity, diabetes, or heart disease.  Sugarless products are an alternative.

Everyday Goddess is not to be held responsible for failed use of candy, medical mishaps, or relationship issues that result from the use of any techniques I employ. 

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