Sunday, January 31, 2010

Power Weekend By The Light Of The Wolf Moon

My BFF Debra (the Medicine Woman and Reiki Master) hosted an extraordinary Friday evening for an extraordinary group of like-minded friends. Her e-invitation referred to the festivities as “Healing & Releasing Drum Medicine & Journey” with her friend, mentor and colleague Phil (a man of equally impressive mainstream and indigenous energy medicine credentials).  In a nutshell, shamanic drumming has been practiced around the globe for some twenty thousand years and is considered one of the oldest known healing methods. The connection between the shaman and his (or her) drum is the foundation of a healing power rich with tradition and ritual. During a shamanic journey, a shaman communes with energies from the spirit world; and in so doing, induces an altered state of consciousness in all who participate (much like the widely understood state produced during meditation).

On Saturday Debra, our friend Joyce (the microbiologist), and I attended a guided meditation led by Debra’s friend and fellow healer Judith (The Angel Therapist) This... the day after a shamanic drumming ceremony was beyond amazing. Readers who are already familiar with discussion of celestial beings and divine realms will understand from the get go how exceptional such a meditation can be. If you don’t know anything about such things and are open to it, check out Judith’s website.

Today I’m meeting an eclectic group of women friends in the city for brunch.  I’m bringing Goddess Goody Bags for all, filled with Fruit Roll-Ups and other assorted goodies including glitter tattoos that I have yet to try.

Still bathing in the energies of empowered and empowering women, under the influence of the largest and brightest full moon of 2010 (The Wolf Moon), I am in awe of this incredible weekend.  My physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are refreshed. I am pumped.

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