Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dedicated To The Dr. Oz Show

If you’re ever asked to be a guest on The Dr. Oz Show, I have one bit of advice; say YES. My husband and I were one of three fun-loving couples who dared to participate in the National Sex Experiment and discuss the intimate experience in front of zillions of viewers. Dr. Laura Berman, the drop-dead-gorgeous sex guru of the airwaves, joined Dr. Oz in leading a conversation about everlasting marital merriment and intimacy. We, The Sexy Six, of the 90 Day Sex Challenge can attest to the value of talking, kissing, cuddling, and other required connubial commitments.

Everything (and I mean everything) about being on the show was enjoyable. 100% of the people we met were amazing… everyone including the transportation team, the hair &  make-up people, and the entire production staff. Especially awesome was Brett, my favorite of favorites, my first friend in the Land of Oz.  Needless to say meeting, conversing with, and being hugged by the truly exquisite, impressive, and ever-so-HOT Dr. Mehmet Oz was a knock your socks off experience. My honey and I had so much fun, it seemed surreal.

After the taping (I’ll let you know when the piece airs), we headed for home to reflect upon the joys of the day. We had lunch at our favorite local steakhouse where I’m embarrassed to say I allowed the love of my life to order the “Gourmet Burger Special: a 6 oz. Black Angus Burger with Double Cheese (American and Cheddar) with Caramelized Onions, Bacon and French Fries.” This, after the Dr. Oz Show, was shameful.

We returned home in an exceptional frame of mind and headed straight for our attic hide-a-way henceforth to be known as The Fantasy Suite. We dedicated our love making to The Dr. Oz Show which left us inspired, motivated, and more in love than ever. We didn’t do anything particularly out of the ordinary… except for nudity in the fullest sense of the word… which is unusual during the winter months in our unheated fantasy suite. Not to worry, we generated lots of heat.

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