Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How A Wig Can Wow

There are few accessories that can change a person’s appearance as completely and inexpensively as a wig. Wearing a wig to create a novel sexual mood or theme can translate into some really big time fun.

My hair, for example, is kind of like Jennifer Aniston’s: blondish, shoulder length, no bangs with highlights and lowlights. Needless to say, my $29.99 dark brown, just below the chin Foxy Wig with bangs is a colossal departure from reality. Add to that:

  • A lacey camisole (not my usual garb)
  • A different perfume
  • Bright red lipstick
  • Banana Muffin (wax melt) fragrance in the air
  • A mirror positioned just so
  • A digital camera

What can I say other than WOW? My honey definitely enjoyed the wig and the naturally occurring activities that followed. I’m not certain; however, which one of us enjoyed it more.

If you live in NYC, Long Island, or Miami you can purchase a wig at Ricky’s (http://rickys-nyc.com/) or simply shop online in the comfort of your home. I’m planning another trip to Ricky’s sometime very soon for something new… maybe something longish and reddish. Oh yeah!

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