Monday, January 11, 2010

Pornography and Erotica – Part One

When Oprah Winfrey teams up with Lisa Ling (the host of National Geographic Explorer) and Jenna Jameson (the world’s most famous porn star) to discuss pornography and erotica on daytime TV, you can be sure it's become socially acceptable for quality women to discuss and even watch adult films. It's been said that one out of three consumers of pornography and erotica are women and that 80-some odd percent of females in their twenties and thirties enjoy X-rated movies as part of a healthy and varied sex life. In my humble opinion, the challenge is figuring out what to watch and how to find it.

Steve Hirsch, Co-CEO of Vivid Entertainment, spoke of the huge couples market on the ground breaking Oprah show last November.  He said that women generally want more foreplay, more story line, more mainstream content, and more art in their adult films than men.  No surprise there.  Most men appear to want lots of sex with little to no story line and lots and lots of graphic close up shots of actively engaged moisture laden genitals.

Adult films are available in retail and online stores such as Babeland  as well as other retail stores and sites that might be less female friendly. Shop around if you must or simply click  the banner on my sidebar for a safe and friendly trip to a high end (no pun intended) X-rated  shopping experience.

Adult content material is also available on pay-per-view cable as well as late night soft porn on HBO. Beginner's Porn (the HBO variety) is significantly less explicit than harder core porn. Graphic scenes of erections, penetration, fellatio, and cunnilingus are all no nos; much is left to the imagination. 

I’ll be writing more about erotic material (dvds and literature) in the future and I plan to make recommendations if I find something worth sharing. In the meantime, feel free to do your own research and let me know if you find something wonderful.  Please email me at

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