Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Riesen For Sensual Consumption

Chewy Chocolate Caramel covered in Rich European Chocolate is the golden caption on the front panel of a bag of Riesen. This candy which has a history dating back to the 1930s has somehow escaped the familiarity of my taste buds until recently. The caption on the back panel states: For double chocolate indulgence that lasts and lasts, all you need is one good RIESEN. Because under its rich European chocolate is delicious, long-lasting chewy chocolate caramel.

This candy delivers what it promises and then some. It begins where a MilkyWay bar is at its best in taste and texture and evolves along a continuum of indescribable deliciousness. The outer chocolate is of heavenly quality. The rich caramel core is firm and long lasting. The absence of nougat makes this mouthwatering morsel more dense than fluffy. I challenge myself to a game of blissfully sensual consumption in which I creatively dissolve a Riesen without it ever sticking to my teeth. My adorable husband finds this game amusing; he is so Riesenable.

I get out my Weight Watchers Points Finder after having already enjoyed a Riesen. I line up the Dietary Fiber Grams, Calories, and Total Fat Grams. I’m ecstatic to see that four pieces is considered a serving size. I quickly do the math; four pieces are four points. Most of the time, I have only one piece; more than that feels excessive. Besides, I generally have at least one point or more left over at the end of the day. The leader of my Tuesday meeting, Michelle, always says, “eat less, move more;” and I do. I accumulate activity points by doing my daily 20 laps at the local track. I love Weight Watchers. I’m so close to goal; I can taste it.

Eaten as a snack or positioned for pleasure on and around a penis (with whom you are well acquainted), Riesen is a noteworthy treat. A single serving that’s as little as one measly Weight Watchers point yields long-lasting sensory pleasure. As with all candy, caution must be exercised to prevent choking. Death by Chocolate is best served as a flavor concept and not an actual cause of death.

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