Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obstruction Of Sex (For Married People Only)

Is the fading of conjugal bliss, in an otherwise happy marriage, inevitable? There are, for sure, numerous impediments to having great marital sex. Even the happiest, libidinous couple in the world has had their desires doused by unanticipated circumstances.

The greatest obstacle to a hearty sex life is having children. As much as we cherish our offspring, they require oodles of time and energy. Although, I was blessed with two wonderful babies (three years apart), they were nursed leisurely, often, and on demand. That put a damper on the carnal activities of the era. Toddlerhood was next; and though it was an awesome period, there was still little opportunity for erotic recreation. The school years (pre-K included) were demanding with two kids worth of homework, projects, an array of non academic classes, and plentiful seasonal suburban sports. My young adult progeny continue to hinder my alone time with my husband. I’m unable (or unwilling) to enjoy my sensual self when potential eavesdroppers with highly sensitive hearing are in the building. Happily, there’s more private time now than ever before; and my formerly feeble libido has been resuscitated.

The second greatest hindrance to having unencumbered sex is work. Having a job takes precious time and energetic resources away from everything else. Sometimes there’s not even enough oomph to have quick, unimaginative sex. Balancing work, home, family, friends and all of the fun things that belong in the mix, is easier said than done; but it’s certainly something to strive for.

Classic matrimonial stresses that interfere with natural urges include medications that effect physical performance, hormones (too many or too few), and a myriad of other scenarios that may involve verbal combat or transient ill will. There are many solutions to many problems; they just have to be identified and dealt with… always with sensitivity.

If you’re not having New-York-Times-Best-Seller-List quality sex with your spouse due to the intricacies of life, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling… and once you’re in the right groove, it can be easier than you might think to put the zing back in your marriage.

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