Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sexual Yoga Practice

The age-old practice of Tantric Yoga utilizes the sexual energy of lovers to raise spiritual consciousness. The sacred union between loving partners, when performed luminously, integrates yoga and meditation resulting in heightened sensory awareness and pleasure.

The practice of yoga, by individuals, stretches muscles, releases tension, promotes deep relaxation, and nourishes one’s overall health and self-esteem. Tantric yoga, practiced by couples, accomplishes all of the aforementioned benefits, deepens the sexual experience, and is something different and fun.

A tantric yoga practice reflects the physical abilities and sensual preferences of loving partners. It’s not about how flexible participants are or how intense the yoga pose is; it’s exclusively about intention and concentration in the moment. Tantric union may be achieved in simple postures as well as more complicated ones.

Practiced simply, a peniled partner receives oral perks from of his yoga companion who is performing a simple yoga posture such as Downward Facing Dog. Proper positioning of the desired body parts is required for success.

Yoga, performed by couples, as foreplay to lovemaking is both energizing and sensual. Postures can be done together, in the nude (without sex) to set the tone for the sexual union of body, mind, and spirit which follows.

Tantric yoga postures in which lovers are fully engaged in intercourse may be done effortlessly with little movement or with more strenuous activity. Breath, intention, and focus define the practice more fully than the poses. So… if you can breathe and focus, you can do this.

Yoga students and practitioners can embrace a tantric mindset even when their partner isn’t doing the same. Focusing one’s Kundalini (sexual-spiritual) energy during sex is often a joyfully contagious experience.

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