Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My BFF and I went for a hike at Flat Rock Brook in northern New Jersey. We finally had a day off from work at the same time. Flat Rock (as we call it) is a magical place we visit as often as we can. We’ve invited like-minded, spiritual, yoga, and shaman friends to join us. We believe the area is inhabited by fairies and sprites. We’ve brought our Native American instruments. We’ve sung. We’ve meditated. We’ve dipped out bare feet and hands in the flowing brook. We’ve even brought our husbands along for a taste of our soul-nourishing adventures.

The photo above is of an old turtle that lives in the lakelet at Flat Rock. We always hope we’ll get to see her, even when we know she’s hibernating. She is magnificent. We call her Pachamama in honor of the Earth Goddess who is revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. There’s a smaller turtle that we call Pachatata; and there’s been a new addition since the winter we call Pachatatala.

It was my BFF who dared to sit in a half Lotus pose at the edge of the rocks overhanging the water. She did Reiki (energy work) to call the turtles to us. They came. They peeked their heads out of the water and looked straight at us. Their picture was snapped again and again. They stayed like that for what seemed a long time for turtles. We talked to them (me from a less daring position away from the edge). They listened. They winked. They were as into us as we were into them.

The turtles swam off and my friend and I headed for home where more of our everyday lives awaited us.

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