Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Jackpot Of Love

An escape from the daily grind, even a brief one, is a great way for couples to celebrate their coupleness and refresh their relationship. For partners with common interests and those who (at least) meet the minimum daily requirement for verbal intercourse, getting away can be emotionally and sensually restorative.

Many parents all too readily neglect alone time with their spouse. Their children’s academic timelines and extra curricular commitments become the family priorities, leaving little energy and financial resources available for parental pleasure. My husband and I are a case in point.

We have never, ever been away from our home and children for an overnight date until a very recent jaunt to Atlantic City. Finally able to extricate myself from my home, adult children and cats, I booked an overnight stay at Caesars. We quickly settled into a comfortable room, walked the Boardwalk, visited the casino, dined leisurely and yummily, and stopped into IT’SUGAR (a magnificently stocked candy emporium) to purchase a late night love snack of blue M & Ms and yummy Gummy Worms. The accommodations and environs contributed to some smokin’ hot fun.

Lovers, who take the opportunity to loosen themselves from the domestic doldrums of life, are encouraged to:

  • Be affectionate (kiss and hold hands).
  • Be complimentary without being full of shit (surely there must be something flattering to say).
  • Have a bit of a sexy game plan (If you can't come up with something creative, buy a How To book in the sexy aisle at Barnes and Noble).
  • Talk about happy things.
  • Laugh as much as possible.
  • Have a great time.

There are scads of lip smacking deals online and elsewhere for Caesars, part of the Harrah’s family of hotels and casinos, as well as other area highlights. Even losing money in the casino seems inconsequential (provided the gambling is done responsibly) when compared to winning The Jackpot of love during a successful romantic getaway.

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