Saturday, August 8, 2009

Erotic Emollients

Ads by main stream companies selling personal lubricants are all over the air waves and Internet. What this means is that the market for erotic emollients has expanded exponentially, now targeting groups of people not previously considered lubricant buyers. No longer only for pre and post menopausal women, lubricants are great for young and old alike as well as folks of either gender.

The K-Y Brand product line may be the best known and most visible in the marketplace. With an attractive presence on the Internet (, the K-Y website features product information, an Intimacy Index with which you can “discover your relationship’s intimacy level,” a Massage Guide with helpful hints, and a Relationship Registry where you can create an intimate profile to share with a lover. You can fill your online cart with vaginal moisturizers, warming lubricants that tingle, arousal gels, and scented massage oils.

Astroglide is another primo lubricant with a delightful presence on the Internet ( On the site you’ll find~ Lubes: The Naked Truth, a Pop Quiz that sheds light on lube myths, an Astro-Blast game, and a fabulous, really fabulous info-packed Glide Guide blog that’s packed, really packed with useful information. And that’s not all; there’s a Frictionary which details “everything you ever wanted to know about personal lubricants.” The product line includes a Glycerin and Paraben-free love liquid for the sensitive and allergic, warming products, and a flavored glide called Sensual Strawberry… Yummo!

I have no problem whatsoever buying personal lubricants. However, for some odd reason, I’m shamefully inhibited when it comes to recycling. I don’t feel comfortable leaving an empty container on my kitchen counter (where I generally leave soon-to-be-recycled material) and I’m compelled to bury the empties beneath the seltzer and wine bottles on recycling day. I’ve even considered throwing the empties out instead of recycling them. What am I hiding and from whom? Perhaps I should proudly display the empties, right on top, and call it a public service message.

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