Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oral Sex: A Hazard To Health And Wellness?

Borderline hypochondriacs as well as health buffs are certain to wonder (at least every now and then) whether or not oral sex (in small or large doses) can have a negative impact on health and wellness. The answer is a resounding yes and no.

My previously aligned and perfect teeth have undoubtedly shifted. One front tooth, in particular, has moved noticeably out of position. Staring in the mirror (long and often) has contributed significantly to my angst and has made me worry whether or not too much oral sex has been the cause of this alarming rearrangement.

Dr. De J (my dentist) responded to my query professionally and confidently. “Oral sex, unless it’s practiced 24/7, will not move teeth.” He promptly explained why my front tooth moved out of alignment; and it had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with my enthusiastic devotion to the oral arts. I was reassured.

Other mildly hypochondriacal questions come to mind, the answers to which seem obvious. The use of candy during sensual fellatio and cunnilingus, for example, requires common sense (see posts Candy-copia and Warnings And Disclaimers if you’re a newbie and require additional information). Use candy in moderation. Brush your teeth after eating. Use caramels and other sticky confections sparingly and with care (especially) if dental fillings or appliances are in place. Exercise consummate caution to avoid choking.

Sexually transmitted diseases, on the other hand, can be the unhappy result of poorly executed oral sex. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine (,8599,1619814,00.html) showed that men who reported having six or more oral sex partners had a significantly increased risk of developing some sort of oral cancer.

The upshot is: don’t fret about having to give up or minimize impassioned and/or candy- coated oral pleasures in the name of health and wellness. Just practice and enjoy your oral artistry with meticulousness and good sense.

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