Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Solstice And Father’s Day

The Summer Solstice of 2010 is a major celestial event, the first official day of summer, and Father’s Day. It’s the longest day and the shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient Pagans celebrated this time with bonfires when couples would leap through the flames, believing their crops would grow as high as the couples were able to jump (

At the Summer Solstice, the Sun and Earth align in such a way as to assist all growing things to come into their fullness. It is a time when Earth and all her inhabitants join in mutual celebration and a time of rejoicing for the blessings bestowed from the marriage of Heaven and Earth (

My Pre Solstice celebration began yesterday morning at a meditation with two favorite souls from My Soul Family (MSFF): a Medicine Woman and Yogi (what good fortune to have them in my life now). After the meditation, we each drew a card from an Osho Zen Tarot deck. I drew Change. The Medicine Woman drew Comparison. And the Yogi drew New Vision. Since We Are One, We understood our tri-fold message: to accept Change without Comparison and embrace New Vision with surrender and love.

Could the day get any better? Yes of course. Barbara, the closest person I have to an Earth Sister, invited me and mine to join her and hers in honor of her daughter’s graduation. There were no Father’s Day plates or napkins, but all father’s in attendance received recognition and the most delicious food and cake on the planet. And while I’m on the subject of Father’s Day, women who are in loving relationships with men that have fathered their children might consider offering Father’s Day Sex to deserving men. The only thing that could have made tonight superlative would be having that piece of blueberry cake Barbara offered, right about now.

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