Sunday, June 13, 2010

Empty Nest Undone

Imagine this:
* You’re alone in the house, blissfully tucked away in the love nest of your home, with your loved one.
* Intimate conversation is flowing.
* A scented candle delivers on its promise of an enchanting Caribbean Escape; the fragrance wafts sweetly through the ethers.
* Door of Faith, a Krishna Das cd, is the background music.
* Your heart is opening to the LOVE that surrounds you.
* Making sweet love, in such beautiful surroundings, is inevitable.
* The phone rings, a familiar ring tone: It’s your daughter calling from her cell.
* “There’s nothing to eat,” she exclaims, her voice filled with expectation.
* You tell her to boil a pot of water and call again when it’s ready for the next step.
* You have about fifteen minutes to regroup and re-enter family life downstairs.
Just as my honey and I were really, really, really enjoying an empty nest, our children returned home from school (one as a college grad). We are once again reminded of the law of impermanence. Life is about change. How we meet and greet the changes (especially the less fun ones) generally determine the quality of our life in the present. Fortunately, the return of our offspring is a good change (most of the time). Social events with our extended family of dear friends can now include our children. Young friends frequent our humble home in greater numbers than before. There’s still time for parental supervision and lessons laced with love. We are all adjusting. Life is GOOD.

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