Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hands Across The Sand – The Event

Four Soul Sisters (including me) participated in Hands Across The Sand, a global happening with a meeting point at High Line Park on the Chelsea Coast of Manhattan.  Joyce (the youngest) had to work. Debra (the next youngest a.k.a The Bird Nerd), Maryse (my Irish Twin), and Maryanda (the eldest) joined a hand-holding line of mostly-like minded others chanting Heal Mother Earth and Clean Energy Now.

At the appointed time (12:00 Noon) we became One with individuals around the world, separated only by time and space. We shared 15 minutes of healing, loving, and optimistic energy; and in so doing honored ourselves, our children, and our planet.

Photographers and writers were on the scene to capture the details.  We were told to look for something @ in about a week.

How cool was that on a very hot day in New York!

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