Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reunions A Go-Go

For reasons not yet clear, I’ve been organizing reunions of various groups of friends over the last few years. I began, of course, with the Ya Yas:  gal pals who pre-date even the first of us to have a bosom. Today was another really great reunion. I met two old friends and one new friend for breakfast and a whole lot more.

Keith was my first soul love. I knew him just as his Keith-ness was exploding into adolescence. Keith used to whistle at my window or toss a few pebbles to get my attention. He knew my parents and I knew his.  He knew my best friend and I knew his.  He gave me earrings for my Sweet Sixteen, little 14K gold flowers with Jade centerpieces.  I wore them today.  Honest to Goddess!

Lee was a college friend with whom I shared a love of musical theater. Neither of us was a star until I BECAME A STAR. He knew me when I was part of an ensemble group that included Ron Perlman of Hellboy fame and Joel Brooks of TV fame (HBO’s Six Feet Under being a favorite). The Mad Show was the musical highlight (actually the only light) of my performance career; and Lee is a witness to my stardom. He’s the STAR now and if he really reads my blog, I hope he’ll grace these humble e-pages with a plug about his literary and theatrical accomplishments.

Leslie (Keith’s wife) and I were meeting for the first time. It was pretty apparent that she provides Keith with a loving family life and for that, I love her a little more.

On the way home I bought a Lottery ticket; I was feeling lucky.  Later on, as always, my honey and I chatted and joked while we scratched the ticket. Much to our surprise and appreciation, we won $50.  

Needless to say, Winning New York Lottery Sex can be winningly fun.

I love today!

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